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Why Can’t All Towels Be Absorbent?

I have to buy new towels and one would think that this would be an easy endeavor, however, it has become a stressful and time-consuming project.  I have purchased towels before that will not dry me off.  How is that possible?  Isn’t the job of a towel to simply dry one off?  I purchased the “luxury” version which was so soft and so fluffy, but getting the water off of my body after a shower was a disaster!  Could it do the job it was born to do?  Nope — maybe the manufacturer’s idea of  luxury is having the pretty towels for show and then having the workhorse towels lingering in the background waiting for the other towel to call it quits.  The scratchy, $4.99 towels are actually doing the mopping up of the water on a body because the other towels are too lazy just hanging around to do any work!

The best towels in the world came from Mervyn’s.  We used those until they have begun falling apart.  I just can’t bear to let them go but they’ve become embarrassing eyesores.

So, now what I have been doing is going to Bed Bath and Beyond and buying towels one at a time, washing the towel and then testing it.  So far, I have been unsuccessful.  I now have three different towels that will be donated to the less fortunate, and in this case, they’re less fortunate because they’ll either be given (or will buy) my “luxury” towels that don’t do anything!!  Isn’t that terrible?  Can you imagine the joy on a poor person’s face when they see, “luxury” on the tag?  They’ll think they have hit pay dirt, but no….sadly, it’s the towel that doesn’t do anything.  It’ll be a waste of their precious income, so, on second thought, I won’t be donating the new towels to the less fortunate because that would be cruel…


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