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A New Use for Pantene

I know this is kind of a random post, but the title of my blog is, “BlogOnIt” and that is what I am going to do!  I have something on my mind, and I wanted to share this head scratcher with everyone even though it is somewhat embarrassing.  As a “former” anal retentive house cleaner, I am somewhat ashamed of the state of my house currently, but I do have a very good reason…about two years ago, I went back to school to achieve my Bachelors of Science in Communications.  It is an online program through the University of Phoenix.  Because it is all online, I spend ALL of my time online when I am not working full-time.  At some point last year, I let my cleaning crew go because I did not think I could afford them any longer.  And when my husband lost his job in September, it seems I was right.

It is funny how one’s standard of clean can change almost overnight.  I began last May with a schedule and a plan of when to clean.  I was determined to stay on top of things, but with as many kids as I have and a husband who does not believe he has to clean, I slowly but surely lost the battle with the house.  I was overwhelmed and overpowered by the rest of the family.  Suddenly, my schedule was no longer in effect.

During the Christmas holidays, I had a break, so then I got all caught up again and the house was immaculate.  I even organized the overflowing closet and took a huge load to Goodwill to donate.  After the holidays, that is when I lost control again.  I was working harder than ever, going to online school full-time and taking an on-campus class as well.  I also had to shuttle kids to their activities, shop for groceries, and actually cook meals, so the cleaning fell further and further behind schedule.

As part of my lack of cleaning, I made a set of new rules regarding how many bathrooms the kids could use for showering.  Because I am the only one who cleans, I control who uses which bathroom.  For example, the downstairs bathroom is off-limits because it has to look good for guests.  Nobody can use it.  So, we all use the bathroom in the master bedroom.  With the warmer weather, many of us are going barefoot and our feet are getting dirtier.  I was just beginning to wonder if it was time to schedule a bathroom cleaning when one of my kids used Pantene to wash her hair.  The shower caddy is kind of high in our shower, so when she was able to get it down, she left it down and then must have kicked it over.  Because it was a new bottle of shampoo, a lot leaked out.  When I discovered the leak, it was late at night right before getting into bed, so I simply picked up the shampoo bottle and left the shampoo in its puddle on the floor of the shower.  After all, it smelled good so no big deal, right?

The next morning, I got into the shower and looked down.  The running water had cleared away the shampoo and what was left was a shower floor as pristine as if it had just come from the showroom.  The floor of the shower in the one spot where the shampoo had spilled was completely white again.  It was astonishing!  After my shower, I told my husband and he said, “Well, if we put down Comet overnight, it’d have the same outcome, right?”

The next day I did an experiment.  I had just showered so the floor of the shower was wet and warm.  After I got out and dried off, I put down a thin layer of Comet all over and let it sit for more than 24 hours.  The next time I showered, I assumed that the shower floor would be comparable in color to the Pantene.  I rinsed the Comet out of the shower and discovered….drum roll, please, that the Comet with bleach had not done anything.

Hunh?  How does something like that happen?  The Comet with bleach did not change the bottom of the shower but the Pantene that is supposed to be for human hair did!  What does that say about Pantene?  What is in Pantene that would make it so effective on the floor of a shower that Comet with bleach did not achieve the same results.

This is indeed a head-scratcher!


2 thoughts on “A New Use for Pantene

  1. just goes to show you that we dont know the half of it as to what goes into products that are supposed to be for human consumption and use. It’s gross!! Thanks for the article

    1. Yes, I do agree with you. After seeing what Pantene did versus what leaving Comet on for over 24 hours AND then using a harsh cleaner to clean the rest of it, I threw the Pantene out. The Pantene did a better cleaning job than Chlorox bleach and Comet. The Pantene left a pristine path whereas Chlorox bleach cleaner specifically for bathrooms did not even with a sponge with a scrubber on the back. What does that say exactly? And here I am putting it on my head and my childrens’ heads. No thanks!

      Thanks for commenting.

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