The End is Near (for the Easter Bunny, Anyway!)

I think this may be the year that the Easter Bunny is laid to rest in our house.  The kids have gotten too old and I think they’re starting to catch on, or at least one of them is “SURE” that there is no Easter Bunny and that all the stuff made by Hershey is purchased at the local Target, and certainly not dropped off in the middle of the night by some kind of oversized bunny.  I think all of the major, in-store advertising has really made my job extremely difficult.  And I have been extremely careful over the years to not buy any baskets that the kids comment on.  This year, I had to go all the way to Vons in another area to avoid being caught.  I felt disloyal to my neighborhood Target, but I had to do it.

On Friday, my youngest said, “Mom, you sure know a lot about what the Easter Bunny will and will not do.  Are you sure YOU’RE not the Easter Bunny?”  I just said, “Oh, I am sure.  It’s just that I have had a lot of experience with the Easter Bunny.”

Overheard out in the garage, “Mo, I think the Easter Bunny has his own chocolate factory because each one of these candies has a bar code on it.”

Yep, I think the end is near…


2 thoughts on “The End is Near (for the Easter Bunny, Anyway!)

    1. Hi, Lindsey.
      I apologize for not replying to your post — for some reason your comments got labeled spam. Go figure. Anyway, I think my middle child knows exactly what is going on but she knows better than to say anything or otherwise she might not get a basket. Banish the thought! She has as bad a sweet tooth as I do, poor girl!

      Thank you for commenting and I apologize for the error in where your post went.

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