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Saying Good-Bye to a Friend

At my age, it is so difficult to make new friends and so much harder to say good-bye.  Yesterday, one of the few people I can call a good friend stopped by for a final good-bye.  It was so sad.  I cried, she cried.  She and her family left this morning on a plane heading to the East Coast first with the final destination being England.  Susan and her family are from England and they wanted to go back to their roots.

Susan is one of those people who is thoughtful and does not push.  When I told her I was busy, she didn’t make me feel guilty.  Up until Monday I was really busy with finishing my college degree, and many people made ignoring them while I finished my goal a problem.  She hung out with me when it was convenient for the both of us, and when it wasn’t, it was no big deal.  Needless to say, we had many heart-to-heart conversations at Chuck E. Cheese’s where we could provide entertainment for the kids, salads for us, and prizes at the end.  Typical mother multi-tasking!

When it was time for gifts, she gave me things she knew I liked — not things that she liked and thought maybe I would like.  For example, I have a soft spot for silver dragees which have been outlawed her in California.  Before leaving, Susan left me a bottle of the little buggers so that I can have cookies like those from my childhood at Christmastime.  I am not sure why they are recalled, but if there is anything dangerous in them, I am already damaged because I ate so many when I was little.  What’s a little more?  There is so much joy to be had in that bottle of dragees.  I cannot wait for Christmas!

Today is a sad day and it makes it hard to write…

Bye, Susan, Chloe, Jackson and Simon….I will miss you terribly!


4 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to a Friend

  1. saying good bye to a friend is really hard especially when you have made a strong bond. but i am sure that you will always have a communication. 🙂 There’s an internet and phone

    1. Yes, it definitely is! I moped around the house all day until my sister called and gave me a new direction, so although I am still sad about Susan, I feel a smidge better and know there is a silver lining: having a friend in Europe makes it so much easier to update the old passport, pack a couple bags and head out of the US. I’ve been talking about going to England, France, Italy and other countries for years, so now I have a contact and an air mattress to sleep on once I get there. Can’t wait! I hope they let me keep my old passport photo, though! So much better than reality 😉

  2. It is true that saying goodbye is hard. Depend on how will your communication after saying goodbye. If you know that will be the long long time or maybe the chance to see again is too little so saying goodbye now become much harder. All the best to you! live stronger!

    1. Your message arrived coincidentally on the day that another really good friend told me she is moving to Florida to be with her parents. This is one of the things about California that I don’t like too much — it’s very transient, and just when you think a friend has settled in and is making a commitment to stay (they buy a house, for example), they leave. Looks like I’ll be writing another good-bye blog. Sigh.

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