The Daily Drag

We got a puppy a few weeks ago and the shine has worn off her black, wet nose for the kids.  How do I know?  because I “get” to walk Pearl every single night.  In some ways, I am grateful because the good lord knows that I won’t walk and get some exercise for myself, but I will walk out of guilt because a puppy needs to expend some energy.  But here’s the real kicker — Pearl does not like to walk.  I can take her only so far and then she stops.  She sits down.  I gently pull on her, and the harness only shoves her skin toward her head.  And because I don’t want someone to call Puppy Protective Services (the PPS) on me, I just follow HER lead.

Pearl is a Labradoodble puppy and one would think she would have boundless energy but she is a rather lazy dog until the cat walks in…  Once the cat walks in, Pearl suddenly cannot be annoying enough.  She jumps up into the air like a reindeer getting ready to take Santa’s sleigh into the night.  She jumps in a semi-circle around Billy (aka Billy Backpack).  Billy just sits still and watches Pearl burn hundred of calories while he just turns his head.  Every once in a while Billy will take a swipe at Pearl, but I don’t think it’s with any claws involved.  I’m almost wishing he’d give her a little something to remember him by so that Pearl will give her obsession with Billy a rest!

Pearl is also obsessed with Billy’s food.  Why do dogs love cat food so much?  Does it really taste all that much better?  I am wondering if it is time for a taste test?  Who can I get to taste both foods?  I am certain Billy has no interest in the dog’s food, so maybe his DOES taste better than Pearl’s.  All I know is that Pearl has to be half-starved before she’ll eat the food in her bowl unless it’s the one morsel that has fallen out of her mouth and into her water dish.  And then she will literally dive for the one piece of Iams.  What the heck?  But, I must admit that it is funny to watch.  Maybe for Christmas I should buy her a snorkel!  Her whole face goes underwater in search of the bit of dog food.  So much fun to watch.  Next time, I must get it on video and share it.

Alas, Pearl is due for another walk and there’s not one child nearby (unless one counts the husband ;-)), so I must take Pearl for her daily “drag” now…


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