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How One Boy Asks One Girl to Prom

My daughter has an amazing boyfriend.  I hope she realizes how great he is (I think she does), and continues to date him until death do them part.  Yes, I am not afraid to say that I would love it if my daughter and her boyfriend eventually marry — not until they’ve graduated from college, but anytime after that is okay by me.  He is so sweet, so kind, so caring, and good to her.  He treats her like a queen.  He takes her and makes her a better person.  He really takes care of her, and that’s about all I want from a future husband for my daughter — to take over where I left off.  I think he can handle it.
An example of his sweetness is how he asked her to prom.  He asked Devon to go with him by putting the letter “P” all over her car before she left school for the day, which was a feat in and of itself because he goes to a different high school than she does AND she gets out early every day because she only has three classes instead of four.  Then he drew an “R” in chalk on our driveway and on the street in both directions because he wanted to make sure she saw it. He knocked on the door and asked to put “O” and “Ohs” all the way upstairs on the walls, and finally, he sprinkled M and M’s all over her bed. All together, the letters spell prom.
Of course she said yes!

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