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Pomp and Circumstances

At my ripe, “old” age, I have finally graduated from college with a B.S. in Communications.  With a family, a house, volunteer work, and an additional career going at the same time, I must admit that it was difficult.  But I did it.  It is wonderful to be done, and a little horrifying, too.  After all I have accomplished, what do I do now?  The current job market is not all that great for a person of “my age” and so very little experience.  And then comes the age old question (no pun intended), what do I WANT to do now that I have a degree?  I don’t have the luxury of dabbling a little bit here and a little bit there; I feel as if I have to hit the ground running.  A neighbor of mine had the benefit of changing from one career to the next because she went to school and graduated when one “should,” whereas I was out simply making a paycheck.  There also lies the question about whether or not I will pursue my Master’s.  So many questions and far too few answers.

Writing about my problems here in this blog is a way for me to unravel what it is that comes next.  Do I really become an intern and take away that experience from someone with less experience than me?  Do I really want to be an intern with all the snickers and glances (“Is THAT the intern?  She looks a “bit” older than 20!”).  Should I start my own company and forget working for someone else?  Sometimes I really miss working with other people.  Sometimes I could care less if I see another human for a decade.  Right now I am desperate for some companionship that is not my own family.  Long weekends can sometimes do that to me.

Well, time will tell what happens.  I think I need to let myself off the hook until the Fall.  After all, the kids are starting to complete their school year so now is an awkward time to work.  Until then, though, I do need another passion otherwise I am going to go crazy!!!


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