(Un)happy Anniversary! Does Hallmark Have a Card for This Occasion?

Yesterday was my anniversary and to be honest, it was an awful day.  Coincidentally, I happened to read on somebody’s Facebook page that her husband had surprised her with a trip to Las Vegas for their anniversary.  He had packed both their bags, got baby-sitting for their children, and planned the whole thing.  What a lucky woman, and I do hope she knows this!  My husband plans for me to plan the anniversary, and I just don’t have the ambition.  Plans are for those who are happy and have a good marriage, and that is something I am not.

I am not sure how my anniversary could get any worse, but I am sure there are ways in which more misery can be packed into a single day.  Mainly I spent the day cleaning the house and caring for the puppy.  Nobody but my daughter’s boyfriend wished me a happy anniversary and he did so in the early evening.  Sad, I know.  I did not laugh or have a good time.  I did not walk down memory lane and smile at all the years of wedded bliss I have had with my husband because we have had far more awful years than good ones.  At this point, I am still here for my girls, although I recently learned that more damage is done to children who have parents who stay together simply for their benefit.  I will find that quote later because it shocked me.

I have mostly just rated years whether they are good ones or really bad ones.  This past year was really bad.  Although I cannot go into details because of respect for my own privacy, I’ll just say that there were 2 very bad years and they happen to be back-to-back.  I have stopped hoping for a good year although my husband was really great for the past month or so, and then the real him came back.  Maybe there are no more chances for a good year — maybe I had them already; they’re all used up.

Here’s to hoping for a less bad year next year!


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