I’m WAY More Important than YOU!

I got this email from my mom last night, and although I did not personally write this, I could have.  This type of thing happens to me all the time, although it is not usually the “privileged” upper crust, it is usually an old woman who goes in front of me at Starbucks!

Last night on my way home from a 14 hour day at work, I stopped at a local gas/convenience store. While I was waiting in line to pay for a soda and some cheese curls (yes, I still eat cheese curls!)….a very tall, expensively dressed woman stepped in front of me after she checked her lottery ticket and started badgering the English is my second language clerk that she must get her lottery prize that very second…no regard noted for him, me or the people in back of me.  She, the prize woman (although her husband may beg to differ!) had a very deep guttural voice…in fact, truth be told, I thought she was either transsexual or trans gender….but I was wrong (I think…).
Anyway, she absolutely insisted she get her winnings at that moment…no excuses……so the clerk complied — after all, he may get a tip from the winner (he didn’t, but hope never dies among the convenience store crowd).  She won at least a $1000, which the clerk took out of his safe in $5 and $1 dollar bills. I am not making this up!!!! Do you know how long it takes to count all that in those little denominations?  And then this woman had to recount every single $1!  The entire transaction took about 15-30 minutes with stacks of money everywhere as the line got longer and longer.  To be honest, I was surprised that so many people shop at convenience stores — I thought that the people here in Marin were too health conscious to be caught dead buying a slim Jim in broad daylight, but it WAS night, so perhaps I caught them replenishing their secret stash–after all, I was getting my cheese curl craving cured!
She then grabbed the money and carried this huge stack of money out to her Lexus. I know that because a cop pulled up and as I left the store,  I heard him lecturing her about how unsafe it was to carry such a huge stack of money in her hand.  I heard him ask, “what if someone had a gun?”  As much as she apparently needed the money, I imagine she would not only kick the robber’s a*s, but rob HIM right back!!

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