(P)icking (U)p (P)oop

Gross topic, I know, but one in which I feel needs to be addressed.

For the last couple of months, I have been walking my dog, Pearl, for miles on end.  When I first started walking with her, I could barely make a mile without my chest heaving which is really sad, but now I complete at least 3 miles per day, every single day.  What an accomplishment in such a short period of time.  And now I am ready to go even farther and add some serious weight training in.  I’ll finally be fit!

But not before I complain a bit about how “certain” people walk their dogs on trails and don’t clean up after the animal’s bathroom breaks.  No longer can I stare up at the heavens while I walk the quiet paths because I have noticed an insane amount of dog bombs all over the sandy trail.  I have to look down the entire time lest I land on one of the less firm grenades and slip.  Can you imagine that lawsuit?  A slip and fall claim on the City of Carlsbad’s trails rather than at the local grocery store?  I am certain that would make headline news!!  The video is certain to go viral!

Picking up poop stinks in more ways than one, I agree, but it has to be done.  I have such a low threshold for things that are gross, and I am guessing maybe many others do as well, so here are some suggestions about how to pick up the poop that has worked for me.  Mind you, I’d rather have some rubber gloves to help with the whole situation but I think that would be embarrassing especially given that I happen to see many friends while I am cleaning up Pearl’s grass God offerings, so my glove use would not be anonymous.

Suggested Ways to Make Poop Collection Easier

1.  Bring along two paper towels to pick up the solids (NOTE:  not good for looser stool–there’s just no amount of Bounty for this type of job!).

2.  Sprinkle grass/dirt/leaves/rocks, or anything else on top of the mound to make it seem as if you’re really just picking up grass/dirt/leaves/rocks, and then pick up quickly without smelling.

3.  Stuff hand in a double bag, and pick up quickly without looking (again, no smelling).

Although there are times when I’d love to walk away, I have used the above mentioned suggestions very successfully and have only gagged out of control once.  For that one day, I had to leave the “stuff” behind; it was in the ice plant, though, so nobody’s shoes were harmed due to my weak stomach.


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