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Hang Up and Run

This is not so much of a post as a complaint.  Who runs for exercise and talks on the phone at the same time?  The answer is this lady I saw running down the street yesterday with a headset.  Unlike me who would be panting and gasping for breath, this woman was able to speak in a conversational tone.  Amazing!  And what is even more amazing is that if she simply, “Hung up and run,” is how much faster/further she’d probably be able to go.  She’s expending all that oxygen on talking instead of improving her time or increasing the distance she runs.  Maybe I have “run envy” because I cannot yet even do a full mile without collapsing on someone’s lawn.

When I do my combo walk/run, I do not bring my phone with me.  There have been times when I wished I had brought my phone but only because I traveled farther than I should have gone and wanted to call home for a ride back.  With no phone, that isn’t an option, so I have to make it back using my own two feet.  In the past, I have brought my Blackberry on my walks, but noticed how easy it was to check my Facebook and e-mail and ignore all the beauty around me.  Also, when I read stressful messages, I tried to type and walk at the same time which isn’t that hard, but the point of my walk is to reduce stress not ADD to it.

Maybe I shouldn’t judge the running/talking woman based on my own criteria, but seriously, on a holiday weekend, does one really need to be on the phone?  Will the world stop (pardon the pun) running without instant accessibility to this woman?  I don’t think so, but if by chance the world does stop, get that lady back on that phone STAT!


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