September 11th

Collapse of Twin Towers Felt 3,000 Miles Away

September 11

NOTE:  This blog post was written 7 years ago but it’s very relevant today.  I remember this woman every year on this date, September 11th.  We must never, ever forget.

I was going to write about something else today, but it is September 11th and we must never forget.

Many years ago, I had purchased a business from another woman that supplied baby equipment to those traveling to San Diego with infants, babies and toddlers.  I brought easy to assemble cribs along with the sheets and comforters to hotel rooms, vacation rentals and even the homes of newly minted grandmas.  I dropped off strollers, high chairs, baby swings, infant monitors, and anything else the client wanted to make the trip easier.  It was not a glamorous business as I got very sweaty going up and down flights of stairs in hotels and vacation condos that did not have an elevator with parts of cribs, but it was highly lucrative especially when I managed to convince The Four Seasons Hotel and La Costa Spa to use me exclusively.  I was very busy until it became clear that the woman who sold me the business knew I could not possibly get insurance, but that’s a story for another time.  Without insurance, I was out of business as quickly as I had gotten in.

Anyway, it was the day before Mother’s Day in 2002 and I was cleaning up a high chair while a vacation condo was being made ready for my clients.  The Realtor who handled the rental had stopped by to make sure that everything was being cleaned to her specifications.  Before she left, I thought I would be nice and so I sang out in a rather chirpy voice, “Happy Mother’s Day!”  Her breath caught in her throat and then she burst into tears and ran out.  I remember standing there wondering what was wrong but with only the cleaning ladies left behind, I figured I would never know.  I looked helplessly at the one gal, clearly not understanding what I had done, and the lady told me that the Realtor’s only son had gone to New York with his wife and infant son to visit the company he worked for in California.  They were in one of the Twin Towers when it was hit on September 11th and all three had died.  Because I am so far from New York, I naively thought I’d never meet anyone who was directly affected by what happened in New York, but I was so very wrong.

Even now, I think of that Realtor and remember September 11th with sadness, and if she is reading this post right now, I want her to know that I am so very sorry for her tremendous loss, and I will never forget.


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