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Clothing is Not My Style

The other day, a friend of mine asked my opinion on what she should wear to an interview.  The choices were a print dress with a jacket or a suit.  Obviously, one is way more formal than the other.  I wasn’t exactly stumped, but I wondered what about me made this woman feel confident that I would know the right answer?  I have not been on an interview in years and I barely know how to dress myself let alone anyone else.  In fact, when this friend asked me my opinion, I was wearing black capri sweatpants that I dug out of my mom’s donate pile a couple years ago and a shirt that didn’t quite match and shoes that were more appropriate for something dressier.  In other words, I was the least likely candidate in a sea of professional dressers on the playground of my daughters’ school.

I went with my gut and answered, “print dress with the jacket.”  I figured it was the one outfit she would be comfortable in, and she pretty much gave the answer she was looking for away.  I should not have stressed about my reply because she let me know which one she wanted me to pick.  The key to her internal thoughts were in her descriptions of the outfits.  She said, “Should I wear the frumpy, gray, kinda too big for me suit that I got for $100 for my interview or the dress that has a print with lots of colors like cream, orange, fuchsia, gold, a green along with a jacket and a gold chain?”  She was smiling and had a faraway look on her face when she described the dress.  I saw that she was simply looking for someone to agree with the choice she had already made.

And so, I did.

I don’t know if she got the job or not.  She said they would not let her know until the end of October.  The end of October?  Thank goodness she doesn’t have to rely solely on her income to support a family otherwise she might be in big trouble!


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