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Why Can’t I Commit?

Ahhh...I'm in heaven...**

When I saw on my Facebook page that Dr. Joel Fuhrman was offering up a challenge, I must admit that my curiosity was piqued.  After all, I read Dr. Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live” twice already on my Kindle.  I have not yet fully achieved success because, to be honest, the diet is hard, and I don’t yet have fully blocked arteries (or at least I don’t think so).  According to the good doctor, one has to be sent to him by Dr. Oz as a last resort for one to achieve success with the diet, and then he says he has 100% compliance (fear of death is highly motivating).  I haven’t yet picked out the quote that needs to be inscribed on my tombstone, but because of the junk I eat I may be checking out websites with cool quotes sooner rather than later.

Having visited Dr. Fuhrman’s website at least 5 times since Wednesday I’ve toyed with the idea of actually following through on the diet and the challenge.  But, could I honestly stop eating white sugar and white flour during the holidays?  Ummmm….could anybody who has kids?  And to make matters worse, I’m already nearly a week behind.  The other members involved in the challenge have a huge head start — they’re all probably 10 lbs. down, and I’m at least 10 lbs. up from all that food I consumed yesterday.  Oi.  I’ve been lapped and I haven’t even started yet!

My excuse for not starting today is that I already ate a ton of sugar and not much else.  Unfortunately, this is my typical diet.  In fact, if I didn’t eat white sugar and white flour, I wouldn’t weigh anything.  I’m not even kidding.  I got my sweet tooth from a long line of sweet tooths (teeth?).  My relatives came over on the Mayflower sucking on a honey comb.  I can just hear the family talking to each other the night before the voyage.

“Got the honey?”


“Got the sugar?”


“Sacred cookbook with recipes for white flour and white sugar?”


“Oh, yeah, have you packed our chocolate stained clothes?”

So, the bottom line question is, do I start late and give up sugar and white flour for once in my life?  Or, do I say forgedaboutit and choke down as many cookies covered in icing and illegal dragees as I can get away with?


Photo by Catherine Hadler


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