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All I Want for Christmas is to be on YouTube

Actual Home Near Where I live 11/27/2010

There is no holiday that makes me feel as inept and inferior as Christmas.  And this year is no different.  When I am out walking my Labradoodle, I get a firsthand look and reminder about how I cannot seem to get it together fast enough to make my yard look super festive.  Nobody is “oohing and ahhing” in front of my house.  Mostly just, “Oh.”

One of my girls and I had a goal this year to literally “light up the night” with an insane amount of lights, decorations, nodding deer, Santas, trains, penguins, and snowmen, but the “tough economic times” (TET) have impacted our family a little bit more this year than was originally expected, so we’re not going to go all out.  In fact, we may not go out at all.

So, how does one feel better about a dark home during the holidays?  One way for me to reframe my thoughts about all this is simply enjoy others’ efforts.  After all, my neighbor must really enjoy putting on such a show otherwise he wouldn’t do it, right?  I could simply silently thank him every time I walk past his house instead of berating myself each time I see his lights as I round the corner.

Another way for me to make myself feel better is to know that I am not using more electricity than a small island nation, and am being environmentally conscious.  I’m being “green” by not putting out enough lights to generate a personally signed thank you card from SDG&E.

Maybe….here’s a thought….I could simply add a lighted reindeer or two to the neighbor’s display and make it a cooperative effort.  He probably won’t even notice.  He provides the electricity for a few of my deer, and I provide a little more light, taking his yard quickly from “bright” to overkill.  The only problem is when I have to retrieve my possessions from the neighbor’s yard.  What happens if I get arrested for stealing my own deer?  Maybe I should stop worrying and cross that lighted bridge when I come to it.

Just for one year, though, I’d like to be on the news and/or on YouTube for my Christmas Creation.  I may not be a Pulitzer Prize recipient.  I may not write a New York Times bestseller before I die, and I may not find the cure for cancer, but if I could spontaneously make it to YouTube for my awesome holiday display, I could die a happy woman.  “Here lies Cathie.  And, Bloggoneit, she made it to YouTube!”


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