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A New Biz I Can’t Wait to Open (oh, and my girls, too ;-)

Coming to Encinitas, CA, at the end of January!
Introducing Art Soup Drop in Art Studio and Social Club for kids 2-12
  • Do your kids love to glitter, glue, and paint?  Do they love to a make a creative mess?
  • Do you shy away from art projects at home because the thought of glitter all over your floor and paint in your kid’s hair raises your blood pressure?
  • Does the idea of cleaning up the kitchen and the kids make it not worth it?
  • Has your school lost its art program?
  • Are you over play-spaces and the park?  Looking for something new?
  • Do you have kids spanning different age groups and need a one-stop shop?
Get smocked and leave the mess to us!

Made for moms of multiples and those who LOVE the ability to just drop in anytime –
Art Soup is a creative, art-based social club where kids are encouraged to ignite their creative spark, explore for their natural curiosity, imagination, and ideas free from the rules and confines of mom’s kitchen.
Attractions include weekly themes and craft activities, 12 feet of glass easels, stocked craft bar, chalk wall, activity tables, and so much more…
Our full website will be up shortly where you can check our weekly calendar of events – there is something going on everyday!

Only $10!
Drop in any time between 9:30-5:00 (we close at 5:30pm) M-F where your kids can explore our Open Studio Activities or opt for our seated Art Studio experience for only $10.
For the month of February we’re open on weekends 9:30-5:30.
As of March 5th, we’ll be open Saturday mornings from 9:30-12 (closed for parties in the afternoon) and closed Sundays for parties as well.
$5 Dollar Mornings 9:30-10:30 and Play-Group Discounts!

We know how to PARTY!

Are you over the inflatables, bouncies, face-painting, and the MESS? I see postings all the time for an original birthday party idea – we have lots of unique themes…

have your kiddos and their friends come in and make a masterpiece of their own.    Does your son want to paint a skateboard? Does your daughter want to make a purse or a set of fairy wings?

Consider Art Soup your instant iPhone, BB, or Droid “App” for a custom birthday party.

Find out more about ART SOUP and attend our Grand Opening Party!
Go to: Art Soup’s Web Site to check out more of what we offer.

We’re located 1 block north of the Trade Joe’s shopping center at Via Molena and El Camino Real  in the same center as Cute as A Bug, EmbroidMe, Winestyles, and Chick’s Chicken upstairs.

4 thoughts on “A New Biz I Can’t Wait to Open (oh, and my girls, too ;-)

  1. Super curious about this place and I was gonna swing by there today. Guess they’re not open yet. Do you know more about it? I’m asking because I’m looking to have my daughter’s 5th birthday party somewhere cool. Unfortunately I have a rather large invite list though, so I’m having difficulty finding a place to accommodate 35-45 kids…

    1. Hi, Michele.
      I have been in contact with the owner. Do you want me to forward your question and information onto her?

      Good luck with 34-45 kids! Holy smokes. That is a lot.

      Take care,

  2. Hi There,
    I’ve been a long time resident of Encinitas, and a K-First grade teacher in Encinitas, and I’m so thrilled you are opening up a creative art studio for children!
    Teaching children is my love in life and I applaud you for your patience and time to serve our city.
    Good luck in your business,

    1. Hi, Mary.
      Unfortunately, Art Soup is not my creation. I was reposting the information for a fellow Parent Connection board member. Have you heard about the Parent Connection? At any rate, I support as many members as I can — so many have wonderful entrepreneurial spirit and I admire that.

      I’ve been too busy to take the kids but you’ve reminded me to take them there this weekend. I may even take my really big kids if Art Soup will let them in!

      Thanks for the reminder.

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