Customer Service

Effusive Positive Comments for Refuse Company

When I finally have a positive experience with a HUGE company, I feel like I have to tell the world because after my most recent experiences with both Verizon and Time Warner Cable, it is a welcome change.

My problem involved attempting to get my garbage picked up.  Our normal trash day is on Friday, and our guy did not show up for our whole side of the street.  The recycler guy showed up but not the other.  Apparently nobody called to complain to Waste Management despite the fact that everybody’s trash was still sitting outside on Monday.  I got tired of waiting for someone to show because kids in our nearby elementary school had to walk around our cans to get past our house.  Not necessarily the safest thing for anybody.

I called and was put on hold — not a long hold, but maybe a minute or two.  While on hold, I was given some very interesting facts and information.  For example, one is not supposed to dispose of old light bulbs in the regular trash because they break and put Mercury into the environment.  I had no idea and I groaned audibly as I know I had just changed out 6 light bulbs — you know, the really big canned lighting lights.  Oh, boy.  There I go soiling the environment again!

When I finally spoke to someone, she appeared to genuinely care why I was calling her company.  Her name was Melissa, and she was extremely polite.  She found out my problem and then told me specifically what she would do to fix it.  She also gave me specific times to look for my trash to be picked up.  She said that the guy would be by my home either by the end of the day at 6 p.m. or no later than noon today.  No drama, no EXCUSES, just, “He’ll be there to finish the job.”  Wow.

So, here I am writing about my experience because Waste Management exceeded my expectations and deserves some serious kudos for providing excellent customer service AND actually followed through.  The Waste Management guy showed up around 5:30 p.m.

What that means is now I have to go bring the cans in so that the kids don’t have to walk around the cans AND the lids.

You’re welcome, neighbors!


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