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Do I Get to Make a Call?

Don’t ever get into the position of having to get private health insurance. Spent 2 hours on the phone yesterday with a health insurance company going over and over and over again every little detail I had already typed into their application, which, oddly enough, took me 2 hours on the computer to fill out. The gal asked the same questions at different times in different ways, trying to catch me in lies.

Lady: “And where were you the morning of August 9, 2009?”

Me:  “At Dr. Cohen’s office.”

Lady:  “And why was that?”

Me:  “Because I have allergies…??”

Lady:  “And he prescribed drugs for these allergies…”

Me:  “Yes, like I told you before, Allegra-D.”

Lady:  “Oh….how often do you TAKE Allegra-D?”

Me:  “Once per day.”

Lady:  “So, you’re just a social Allegra-D taker?  You don’t binge every once in a while, Mrs. Nichols?  Perhaps start your day thinking you’ll only take 1 Allegra-D but the next thing you know, you’re passed out on the couch in an Allegra-D stupor?”

“I don’t like to take drugs.”

“But I see here in your file that you have taken a few antibiotics in the past.  How do you explain that, Mrs. Nichols?”

And on and on it went.

Where was the one-way mirror, the spotlight? I felt like a perp. And I have to call again today to go through the same ordeal with each child’s history.

Shoot me now!


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