Not a Couger Yet!

Whew! My arms are shaking. Joyce Vedral kicked my 20+ years younger butt and she didn’t even break a sweat. Meanwhile I was perspiring profusely and I had to go down in my weights. I used to do the program called 8 Minutes in the Morning with Jorge Cruise but then stopped. Definitely felt how much muscle I have lost from not doing anything but walking the dog. Sure, I can walk miles upon miles but cannot do reps with an 8 lb dumbell. Oi.

I only did upper body today because I just couldn’t do any more. The Cougar Workout goes on but, alas, I could not. At least not in the a.m. Perhaps I’ll feel well enough to try the second half of my body tonight before I take Pearl for her nightly dragging of me.

Thanks to my husband for quickly and quietly leaving the room before he had to witness his jiggly wife in very ugly sweatpants (with the elastic no longer doing its job) trying to keep up with a 65-year-old.  But, if I end up looking as good as Joyce Vedral, I’m sure he’ll thank her personally.


One thought on “Not a Couger Yet!

  1. I had forgotten about Joyce Vedral! I had one of her workout books many years ago. I think I remember being happy with the results, but I was varying workouts/trainers for better results. Sadly, now that I really have jiggles (as opposed to the physical concerns of a 26 year old), my weights, books, and DVDs are collecting dust.

    I’m getting back to it as well. I wish you the best of luck!

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