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Marveling at Marty’s Skill

Pick a color, any color

One thing I know for sure about myself is that I cannot paint a room.  Trust me, I have tried but the evidence is in front of me every single day when I look at the living room and formal dining room. In fact, I’ve stopped looking because it’s just too embarrassing.  The worst areas are where the walls meet the ceiling.  It is as if my brush was attracted to the ceiling, like a valuable earring to a powerful vacuum–it just couldn’t help itself, the brush had to smudge “Basket” paint (aka brown) on the white ceiling, like coffee spilling on a white carpet.

I have tried the magical tape everybody swears by, but by the time the room is prepped and ready to paint, I’m already bored and looking for someone to take over.  Of course nobody wants to take over for me because painting is WORK.

A couple years ago, my husband and I put in a loft and after the majority of the work was done, we needed certain areas of the new room and the old room painted.  In walked Marty.  He painted every room and he did it without blue tape.  What?  I was amazed, astounded, and agog over his skill.  His lines were sheer perfection.  Did bullnose corners trip him up?  No.  Still perfection. Did baseboards leave him breathless?  Nope.  Even though many years have gone by, I still look up at my ceiling line and marvel at Marty’s skill.

Since that beautiful day when Marty walked through the front door (which now needs painting, by the way) we have had Marty paint many rooms, and various houses.  He always shows up on time (early, actually).  He always cleans up.  And he is always smiling, happy, and a joy to have around.

Marty is a rock star in my home.

Do you need a rock star sans ego who can paint your home?  Call Marty at 760-908-3153 — he’s in north San Diego county.


2 thoughts on “Marveling at Marty’s Skill

  1. “like a valuable earring to a powerful vacuum” – best similie I’ve read all year! You have a great writing style. I’m glad to have stumbled across this post.

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