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Twitducation Part II

Maegan in the Middle

As a relative newbie in the Twitter world, what I can share with you is my ‘aha moment,’ the day I figured out why my business needs to be on Twitter.  It was a day when I stopped wondering, “Why would anyone be on Twitter” to “Why isn’t everyone on Twitter?”  As a businesswoman on Facebook, I only have access to so many people, but on Twitter, I have access to SO MANY PEOPLE!  Sure, not everyone pays attention to what I have to say; my random thoughts may even annoy someone enough to have them unfollow me, but then 10 or more people will take that person’s place within a short period of time.  One lost Twitter follower does not have the same impact as losing one friend on Facebook.

Twitter vs. Facebook

The first benefit of Twitter vs. Facebook is you can tweet often.  You can literally update your account hundreds of times per day.  I do not recommend this tactic but you can do it.  What would happen if you updated your Facebook status that often?  I know how my friends would react — I’d be down to only friends who don’t log in often.

An additional benefit is a follower can get to know you in a casual way before engaging in a conversation with you.  None of that trade show talk here — it’s a good place to be yourself.  If you’re likeable and have interesting things to say, you can say them and it will do your website visits and your business a world of good.

Do you have a blog where you share what you know?  Great!  Tweet the link and followers will learn that you’re the go-to person in your area of expertise.

Like I said before, you have access to people you normally wouldn’t have access to.  You can follow those people you might like to do business with, see what he/she tweets about, check out his/her website, and reply thoughtfully to future tweets.  After some time has passed and you have proven yourself to be legit and not a stalker, you may end up meeting face-to-face like I did with a gal who started following me.  Or maybe I followed her first and she followed me after.  Who knows and does it really matter?  I met Maegan Elliott (aka @OhYeah_Her) online.  We began chatting back and forth.  Turns out she’s from my same hometown although I couldn’t hear the Fargoesque (the movie not the city) accent through Twitter.  The next thing ya know, I’m having Mary Kay samples delivered to my house dontchaknow.  And soon after that, I had Mary Kay lipstick delivered to my office where I met Maegan in person with her young followers.  Seeing her in person sealed the relationship, a relationship started with Twitter.

I am not suggesting your business leave Facebook behind.  In fact, you should definitely have a fan page for those who haven’t tumbled to the power of Twitter yet.  People like the former me.  They are complementary to each other, so definitely don’t go deletin’ anything yet.

But, wait, there’s more…on some random Tuesday the following week after meeting Maegan, Tim (aka @Sogeshirts) direct messaged (DM) me, asking if I’d like to attend a Tweetup.  Wha?  A Tweetup?  I must admit it was my very first invitation to a tweetup and I had to google what one does at a Tweetup.  And in typical first-child fashion, I went to the library in search of a book about social media to better prepare me for the event.  Although The Social Media Bible is very good, it had nothing to say about a tweetup.  #sigh

I decidedI was just going to have to “wing it” (snort)!

Tim got to know me through my tweets (we connected over melons )and thought I’d be a good match for his event.  Even Tim has access to people he normally wouldn’t (me); we don’t know the same people, run in the same crowd, or have any hobbies in common.  We never would have met without Twitter.  Can you feel the power yet?

Find out how meeting people in person I had followed for months at my first tweetup went in Twitducation Part III where I share my final Twitter “AHA!” moment.  Hopefully my aha’s will lead you to ahhhh….


9 thoughts on “Twitducation Part II

  1. Thank you so much for the awesome words.
    That is pretty much how I remember it too – And I don’t even know how we got the MK stuff… I think you just asked! It really is an amazing tool!

    1. I agree that Twitter is an amazing tool that is completely underutilized in today’s business, but after seeing many job postings on Craig’s List I think that trend is changing. Every other post says that the new hire needs to know about social media.

  2. Maegan is pretty fantastic, isn’t she?

    I could listen to the two of you speak in your Midwestern accents for hours.

    That’s a lie. I couldn’t.


  3. Love that picture and this is definitely what twitter is all about. I have met so many awesome online people through twitter that I wouldn’t hesitate to call my friends and now I’ve met some of you offline in person. It’s awesome to see just how close the offline personality is the online. It’s usually pretty much exactly how I imagine the person being.

    1. I’ve always been told to write the way you speak in order to connect to people. Guess I’m actually following someone’s advice. GASP!

  4. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is fabulous blog. An perfect read. I’ll definitely be back.

  5. Thanks for indubitably using permissible grammar. Roughly all sites were absolute gibberish. Astonishing website & writing skills. You my friend have Talent! I just StumbledUpon this. Not bad. I’ll give it a thumbs up.

  6. I’m relatively new to Twitter as well and for me in particular it has helped me connect with random people in person. I’m normally awkward with people I don’t know, but after using a few tweets as ice-breakers by the time I see the person offline its easier to talk to them.

    And like Tim, I’ve connected with people worldwide I would never have met before and whom I consider friends now.

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