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Prom Notes

Prom Photo by Jan Sundstedt
Prom by Jan Sundstedt

The other day, my oldest daughter informed me that she was going to prom with her best friend as her date.  Shock wave after shock wave of sadness hit me as I realized that I wouldn’t have “normal” photos to post on Facebook.  You know the ones — beautifully dressed and coiffed girl is standing on stairs with her date a stair above her with the photographer looking up.  Or the traditional one by the fireplace.  My oldest daughter is not going to give me the prom of my dreams (yes, you read that right).

I was so depressed until I stopped at a friend’s house who told me, “It’s not your life.”  Yes, I know this but it still doesn’t change my disappointment.  It’s her Senior Prom — I don’t get anymore chances to create those goofy photos that everyone hides from future significant others.

Am I over-reacting, or how would you feel if your daughter went to her Senior Prom without a date?


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