Shopping That Helps Kids

We all love to shop a good deal, right?  We all enjoy giving back to our community, right? So, why not combine the two and and shop while giving back to the community all in one easy click? Well folks, you can and it’s through a fantastic new non-profit online deal site called KidsCause.

The KidsCause Mission and Commitment:

KidsCause joins together with like-minded businesses and community partners to provide funding for organizations whose goals are to improve the lives of kids in their local community and around the world.
KidsCause is a non-profit organization that utilizes for-profit business methods and cause marketing to benefit organizations serving children.

With every purchase, something good happens for a child. A single purchase may provide a child with a pair of shoes or food for a day; combined purchases may fund a clean water source for an entire village or a complete room-makeover for a child battling cancer. Whatever it is, we guarantee that with every purchase made at, you will help improve the quality of life for children in your community and around the world.

How KidsCause Works

Get it:
Sign up online for KidsCause to receive a great local daily deal via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Share it:
Share your deal with friends and family through e-mail or social networks.  Sharing more means giving more!

Enjoy it:
Follow the instructions on your voucher and head out to your local merchant to get your deal.


Kids benefit from it:
While getting a great local deal, you’re helping to raise money for kids!

While this alone is reason enough to start shopping with KidsCause, the benefits of doesn’t end here.  KidsCause also offers all of their members the chance to become KidsCause Champions through their amazingly simple and prosperous referral program.  You don’t need your own blog or website to become a part of the KidsCause Crowd, all you need is a way to spread the word:

How it Works:

  1. Please signup to get your personal referral link.
  2. Share your personal referral link with your network of friends, family, co-workers, and associates through email, facebook, twitter, blogs, your website, etc
  3. When your friends join the KidsCause Crowd through your link, they will become part of your KidsCause network.
  4. Each time one of your friends makes a purchase, we will credit your account with 10% of the KidsCause revenues from that sale.
  5. Use your earnings to: 1. make purchases on, 2. request a check from KidsCause when your earnings have reached $100 or more, 3. donate your earnings directly to a child in need through a special KidsCause Champion webpage

KidsCause has a winning equation for everyone invloved.  We get to shop some great deals and we have peace of mind knowing that our purchase has a direct and very tangible effect on a child in need.  We spread the word about KidsCause with the referral program and we make a direct and very tangible effect on our own wallets.

Let’s all support KidsCause –  the non-profit daily deal site today and make an impact while we shop. Sign up today.


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