Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Post #2

Lazy Days of SummerI have trained the girls well. They are constantly on the lookout

My girls have now called attention to so many wonderful Wordless Wednesday candidates.  When they come shopping with me, one will usually say (or yell, really), “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!”

This picture is of a grocery cart corral where we watched the guy whose job it is to collect the grocery carts from the parking lot walk over and only put the carts only this far in and no further.  He was too lazy to shove them all the way in.  Even my girls who are still relatively young knew that this guy could have done his job a wee bit better.  But, then again, if he had, I wouldn’t have a Wordless Wednesday post!

My girls and I waited for a while to see if the guy was going to come back out and do a better job but he didn’t.

I guess it truly must be the lazy days of summer!


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