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A Little Bit of Klout — Don’t Keep It a Secret!

A few weeks ago, I happened to be on Twitter when @ADramaticMommy was talking about how she had free deodorant to give away to anyone who wanted it.  I thought it odd but also didn’t want to pry into Melanie’s personal life or her personal hygiene!  I figured there was something more there I didn’t know about, and waited patiently to be enlightened.  It didn’t take long because I simply logged into my account and discovered that I, too, was eligible to receive a year’s worth of deodorant from Secret.

Shut up.  My jaw dropped.  I hooted.  I hollered.

Yes, I know you’re jealous but here’s the kicker:  I claimed my Secret Clinical Strength deodorant and guess what?  Proctor & Gamble actually sent me my prize!  Why am I so surprised (surprized)?  Because although I have won other free stuff from other large companies, I have never personally received any of it — EVER.  It’s gotten so bad that I no longer play the games or jump through any of the hoops to try to grab some of the grub.  I did this one activity with Klout because there was only one button to push.  No sweat, so to speak.

Secret Clinical Strength

Proctor & Gamble sent me my packages of deodorant in less than a week.  I had written off the chances of actually collecting on my prize so much so that I didn’t give it another thought.  Because I had completely forgotten about my winnings, I didn’t know what was in the box when it arrived at my house.  With the Homeland Security Level 4 (orange), I am often wary of packages I am not expecting.  After all, who sends mail anymore?!!

I opened the box and found full-sized packages of waterproof Clinical Strength (1.6 oz.).  Folks, these are $9+ boxes at my local grocery store.  Fortunately, I already use Secret Clinical Strength — I have to because I am the biggest sweater (not to be confused with articles of clothing) of all time even sitting still.  I don’t know why other than I’m always nervous.  I was positively tickled to receive a product I already use, buy with feverish regularity, and now have my oldest daughter using as well.  In fact, she’s taking two of the Secret Clinical Strengths (All-day Fresh Scent) with her to college.  Perhaps her dormmate will also become a CS Fan, or my daughter will force it on the potentially stinky girl!

If you want to earn cool, useful stuff like me, increase your Klout score, and if you want to stay fresh and smelling nice like me, then buy waterproof Secret Clinical Strength — the all-day fresh scent is just that:  all-day and fresh.  I have tried the other brands of with clinical strength and although they may work for some, they don’t work for me.  Personally, I buy Secret and I’m sticking with it.


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