25 Random Things About Me

I am doing my very first blog hop and it entails coming up with 25 things about me.   Thanks to Everyday Mama for coming up with this great idea.  One would think that I would know all about me, but I’m wondering what would pique someone’s interest.  What would make someone say, “Oh, that’s interesting.”  So, I can imagine this taking me a day or two.  Glad to know I have 74 days until the event expires because I will probably need all 74 days before I finally click publish.

1.  I’d love to be a performer of some kind — I love all the attention but I’m so painfully shy that I could never do it.  Really wish I could sing but my kids tell me over and over to STOP, just stop, NOW!

2.  I signed up for an Outward Bound adventure in the land of 10,000 lakes at the Boundary Waters.  I learned how to dog sled and how to cross country ski with a 50 lb. backpack on.  I was the only Californian there and was absolutely freezing my butt off.  Slept outdoors in a tent and a sleeping bag.  I learned how to chop down a tree, make a fire from nothing and boil snow into water to make mac ‘n cheese.  To this day, I hate mac ‘n cheese — too much work.  I cried when I left.

3.  As a middle schooler, I decided to learn sign language so as to not get caught passing notes and potentially being really embarrassed.  Just taught my new middle schooler how to sign her letters  to pass on a worthy tradition.

4.  I have never followed any celebrity until I first saw Josh Holloway on Lost.  I still don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as beautiful.  Glad I’m not his wife because I’d probably spend the day just gazing upon his fine features.

5.  The guy I used to chase on the blacktop with my friends at school in 5th and 6th grade is somewhat famous (Sopranos, The United Something or Other of Tara, and more).

6.  When I inherited a little bit of money from my grandpa, I had a choice of paying off a credit card or taking a month long trip to Spain.  For once in my life, I was irresponsible and I went to Spain.  Almost did not come back home.  In fact, I consider it to be one of my biggest regrets in life:  should have stayed in Spain.

7.  I fall in love quickly when I do finally find someone I can tolerate.

8.  When I’m having a severe feeling fat day, I don’t wear underwear.

9.  I secretly wish I had enough guts to dress how I really want to dress.  And having more money would be swell to help buy the clothes I’d really rather be wearing.

10.  When I was in 6th grade, my drawing of an American flag was put on the choir program — I think it’s the only contest I’ve ever won and I’ll never forget that feeling.

11.  I lived in a converted chicken coop when I was in 5th grade in Coopersburg, PA.  We weren’t exactly rolling in the dough.  My mom couldn’t afford curbside trash collection so we’d have to take our garbage in our car and drop it at other peoples’ houses.  It was like Christmas for them except not.  And then because my mom had a very poor sense of direction, we’d be lost for hours.

12.  My dad enjoyed going to the VFW club so when it was my weekends to be with him, we’d spend the days at the bar.  There were many days my diet consisted of pork rinds, beer nuts, pretzels and Shirley Temples.  I also learned how to shoot pool while there and became rather good.  We were there so often that I felt like Norm from “Cheers.”

13.  Repetitive noises or movements drive me insane.  For example, my husband drinks chocolate milk and he needs everything that goes into his mouth to have the flavors “spread out” and even.  He takes a drink and then goes swish, swish with his cup to stir the Nestle’s Quik.  It drives me crazy.  I have to put a newspaper in front of my face to prevent me from screaming.

14.  I once painted my sister green — don’t recall why but I was just probably bored.

15.  I think I have verifiable ADD and should probably be on medication.

16.  Speaking of medication, I am a hypochondriac although I seem to be better these days.  Every cold must be throat cancer and each pain in my right abdomen area spells the end for me.

17.  I want a nice kitchen before I die.  And I’m not sure why because not only do I not like to cook but I don’t cook really well when I finally do.  AllRecipes.com has completely saved my children from pasta with red sauce 5 days a week.

18.  I am going to a psychic for the first time ever this month.  Shhh….don’t tell my husband because he already feels as if he’s taken on more than he bargained for.

19.  I don’t have a lot of friends because I’m actually very shy.

20.  Giving out advice to clients about staging their property for sale is so easy for me, but I cannot decorate my own house to save my life.  I go to places like Home Goods and pick up 45 things that are blue, but then walk past something that’s red and decide that’s the color I really want, so I go and put all the blue things back where I found them and then go pick up all red things until I realize white is probably a better color.  And it goes on and on and on until it’s become apparent that I should not ever shop in places like stores.

21.  I have never felt like a Cathie and wish my name was something else.  Making everyone call me Catherine at this point is probably pointless.

22.  Having my picture taken is about as horrible as anything I can imagine for myself.  I do not like having it taken and will use the same picture my daughter took of me a couple years ago until it is no longer recognizable as being me.

23.  When my old broker asked me to write a few ads people would listen to while on hold for his company, I became alive for the first time in my life.  I wrote day and night for him.  Weeks passed and I had forgotten the ads but not the feeling.  One day I called the office and was put on hold.  While patiently waiting for someone to pick up, I heard a phrase or two I recognized.  I heard the words I had written coming out of the phone and you would swear I had just won the lottery.  When the receptionist came back on the line, I asked her to put me back on hold again.  It was that day when I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up; I signed up for communications classes and finally finished my degree.

24.  I used to climb to the top of pine trees until I was literally at the thinnest part of the tree and then hang from the tip.  Cannot believe I lived through childhood.

25.  Finding alternative therapies for anything that ails me floats my boat.  Recently I used tapping to rid myself of claustrophobia.  It appears to have worked!  While dropping my daughter off at college, I was finally able to get into an elevator for the first time in a long time.

Well, that’s definitely enough about me.  As expected, it took me a few days of thinking to get all that out.  Now, what are 25 random things about you?


4 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Me

  1. Cathie, I enjoyed reading that – a lot of us have a hard time writing about – gulp – ourselves. I cannot believe you did that Outward Bound adventure – I’m from Minnesota, doncha know? Love your reason for learning to sign, birlliant!

    1. So many years and yet I could barely come up with that but I did remember one more (always going the extra mile dontchaknow?).

      26. My best friend from high school and I lost touch. I moved 3,000 miles away from Pennsylvania so many years ago. Suzy found me a few years back. Come to find out we had had our first born baby girls within 4 days of each other. She named her daughter Nicole (my last name is Nichols). Kind of cool!

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