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Pearl’s New Passion: Sweet Potato Treats

To say that Pearl is a fussy eater is like saying “the sky is blue” or “I hate it when it rains and I have an outdoor party scheduled with 50 guests coming.”  The fact that Pearl is a fussy eater is surprising because she is a Labradoodle which means she is part Lab.  I have been told that this breed is usually compared to a Hoover when it comes to eating.  In my former life as a pet-sitter, I saw the Hoover aspect in action, so I was very surprised when Pearl came on the scene.  She literally turns her head away when I introduce something new, and if I insist she try the new food, she’ll “bop” it as if she is saying, “Moooooommmmm, nooooooo… Not that one.  I want something else!”

I have bought treats before where Pearl will eat one and then never go near the offensive product again.  I have bags stacked in my pantry waiting for the magical day when she decides that she’s hungry enough to eat anything, but that day has not come.  Sadly, I have had to throw treats out.  Talking to Pearl about all the starving pets in third world countries seems to fall on deaf ears.  Just between you and me, I thought about saving the treats for myself because as it turns out, I am more of the Hoover type than Pearl.

Dog Joy Sweet Potato Treats

One of the main treats Pearl has turned up her cute nose before contained sweet potato.  When Freshpet asked me to sample their line of fresh pet food, they sent along a bag of treats called “Dog Joy” (my daughter commented, “Like dog toy” — cool).  This particular Dog Joy treat is called Sweet Potato Treats.  Uh-oh.  Oh boy.  “What am I going to write about?” I wondered.  But, like Mikey in all those famous commercials for a breakfast cereal, Pearl likes it!  And now we are on Day 3 and Pearl still likes the Dog Joy Sweet Potato Treats.  I am shocked and overjoyed that I have discovered something that is healthy for my dog and she loves them!  The biggest difference is that Pearl and I used to stand by the pantry when I gave her a treat, now we’re standing by the fridge.

Stayed tuned for more reviews of the Freshpet products.  Due to Pearl’s delicate stomach and my delicate nose (she gets rather gassy in the evening when we change foods or give too many treats), we’re introducing the samples to her a little at a time.  Because the foods are so fresh, I’m going to have to freeze them (yes, they can be frozen!).  So far, so good, though.  If Pearl had thumbs, both would be way up for Dog Joy Sweet Potato Treats!

Although I have received a generous sample of various products from Freshpet to sample, my opinions and observations are real and are my own.

About Freshpet

Freshpet, the innovator in fresh, refrigerated pet food, is dedicated to creating the healthiest and most nutritious food for pets.  Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, Freshpet is the only U.S. manufacturer and marketer of fresh, refrigerated food for pets.  Freshpet brands include:  Freshpet Select, available at grocery and mass market retailers; Deli Fresh, available at pet specialty stores; Veterinary Nutrition(tm), available exclusively through veterinary practices; and now Vital, available at pet specialty locations throughout the country.  Visit for more information.

9 thoughts on “Pearl’s New Passion: Sweet Potato Treats

  1. Hmmm These treats sound good enough to eat myself. I can imagine that any dog would woof (sorry for the pun) them down in an instant.Thanks for educating us about Freshpet. I’ve already visited the website.What devoted pet lover wouldn’t?

    1. Yes, you’re right. Pearl does woof these down. Another good thing to note is that Pearl cannot open the refrigerator but she can open the pantry and sneak treats she does actually like, so Freshpet treats have a built-in portion control system. Out of sight, but not out of mind!

  2. Such a great product! My dog, Scout, loves his sweet potato treats. I caught my son trying to take a nibble as well when he was feeding it to my dog. He now knows not to try the dog treats 🙂

    1. My husband tried the Freshpet Select Roasted chicken meal (and so did my daughter). She said it tasted like meatloaf and my husband said it tasted like “our” food. Not sure what that says about my cooking! LOL!

  3. i will definitely try these for my dog. He, too, is very particular and has said No to most treats I bring home in anticipation of finding the perfect one. I love the idea of fresh food for him as I had a crash course in dog foods a few months ago and what is really in them and now there is no going back. Fresh forever is my motto. I just so happened to be on my way to the pet supply store when I read this so its perfect timing. Will repost “his” comments.

    1. So happy to hear that my post brought Freshpet to you just in time. Pearl ate the Freshpet Select Roasted Meals with Chicken and absolutely woofed it down. She only eats after her evening walk when it’s her usual food, but with the fresh food, she ate it before her walk. Amazing! Let me know how your dog likes it.

      1. Having trouble locating this product. Went to 3 different pet stores. where did you find yours?

  4. our dog, cody, is in for a treat! he’s an aussie and hates just about everything. he’s really more of a cat, come to think of it. shows up when he wants. won’t eat something that has woefully fallen to the ground. he even likes to curl up on the top cushion on the sofa. oy! needless to say, he’s ridiculously picky. i’m looking forward to getting him some of these. maybe they’ll even work!

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