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Pearl *Was* a Picky Eater!

Pearl gets a 4 mile walk each and every day.  She knows exactly when it will happen — right after dinner, so when I’m walking back and forth clearing the table, Pearl is at my heels.  Most evenings I don’t mind but on the days when I nearly trip and fall over her on our hard tile, I sometimes have to take a moment to stop what I am doing and redirect her.

One of the ways I try to redirect Pearl away from being underfoot is to feed her.  Although it has never worked before, I figured I would do it one more time especially since we’re trying out Freshpet Select food products.  Even after 4 days, Pearl still loves the Sweet Potato treats so I had high hopes for the Roasted Meals.  Freshpet Select are freshly made foods for pets and found at grocery stores and specialty pet stores like PetSmart.  They are made with things like chicken, beef, salmon, bison, turkey, and ocean whitefish.  Because the ingredients are so fresh, the pet food is transported via a refrigerated truck to the store and kept in special refrigerators in the pet aisle.Freshpet Select Roasted Meals Chicken Recipe

Pearl is a finicky eater and will not eat most things.  This is unusual for a dog that’s part Lab — this breed is usually the one found in trash cans around the neighborhood, but not my Pearl.  Food has to be the right kind of food or she won’t eat.  I measured out 3 1/2 cups of the Petfresh Select Roasted Meals Chicken Recipe (carrots and spinach are also in the mix) and put it in Pearl’s bowl.  I held my breath but not because the food smells bad but because I was waiting to see what Pearl would do.  Can I just say here that it smelled like something I make for dinner?  Polling the rest of the family brought forth the same results:  it smells like real people food.  In fact,  my husband tasted it and gave some to my daughter to try.  My daughter said it tasted like meatloaf.  I’m not sure how she’d know that since I’ve never made meatloaf but that’s neither here nor there.

Whenever one of my pets gets canned food, I nearly throw up when I have to scoop it out and place it on a plate or in a bowl, but not with Freshpet because it smells like people food.  It’s made with everything you would find in your own pantry and refrigerator, and not made with anything you are not familiar with.  It’s like how you would make food for your pet if you had time.

Pearl walked over to the food, smelled it, took a few bites, then took a few more bites, walked away from it, and then walked back to her bowl and dusted it off.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I could not believe that Pearl ate the whole 3 1/2 cups of Freshpet Select in oneish feedings.  Normally, she will not eat until we’re back from her walk; I think she only eats her regular hard food because she’s starving — kind of like when I eat carrot sticks.

If my Pearl will eat the Freshpet Select Roasted meals, I bet any dog will.  I have personally not met another dog this fussy.  “Freshpet Select is a good solution for all pets, including finicky eaters and senior pets that are reluctant to eat.”  I could not agree more.  If Pearl helps your senior pet look forward to eating, please let me know — always glad to know when I have helped!

Although I was sent a generous sample box of Freshpet foods and treats, all opinions and observations are my own.

About Freshpet

Freshpet, the innovator in fresh, refrigerated pet food, is dedicated to creating the healthiest and most nutritious food for pets.  Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, Freshpet is the only U.S. manufacturer and marketer of fresh, refrigerated food for pets.  Freshpet brands include:  Freshpet Select, available at grocery and mass market retailers; Deli Fresh, available at pet specialty stores; Veterinary Nutrition(tm), available exclusively through veterinary practices; and now Vital, available at pet specialty locations throughout the country.  Visit for more information.


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