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The Kids are Alright

When my daughter graduated from high school, I cried.  When we drove her to college, I cried intermittently the whole way there, while we dropped her off and the whole way back.  I cried when we got home and saw her bedroom door open.  I cried….well, you get the picture.

But now she’s back (said in the scary voice way) …

And things are a bit different.  I’ve gotten used to making less food for dinner, washing fewer clothes (and definitely fewer towels), and not staying up way past my bedtime waiting for Cinderella to come home.  I admit I kind of like this new freedom.  Does this make me a horrible parent?  Insensitive?  Self-centered?  I don’t think so.  Thinking these feelings all the way through, I would say that sending a child off to college has a lot of emotions attached, and then once they’re gone, the recovery takes place.  I admit I cried a lot but once I was over it, I was over it.

And now she’s kind of cramping my style…

I’m back to staying up until Cindy gets home, doing multiple loads of towels, making enormous dinners, and shelling out more cash than any person should have to.  “But, mooooommmmmm, I’m on summer vacation. ”  Yeah, when’s my vacation?

Here’s a recent conversation to give you an idea of our deep discussions:

“Dear Heart, I need you to drive to Home Depot and buy some bark chips and lay them down for me in the flower beds.”

“How much are you gonna pay me?”

“Dear Heart, I need you to sweep the floor, then mop it.”

“How much are you gonna pay me?”

“Darlin’, will you please clean the litterbox and then walk the dog?”

“How much are you gonna pay me?”

Again, I think you’re catching on.

And all I can think is, “When am I gonna get paid?!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love having her home as long as she doesn’t stay out late, eat anything, or create any laundry 🙂

Any you KNOW I’m going to cry when she goes back!


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