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Public Relations Without Even Really Trying

Missed PR & Marketing Opportunity

I had a job interview last Wednesday at a company I’ll call Dandy Property Management.  I felt confident that I would get the job because I have all the skills they need, and I wasn’t nervous at all.  Normally I am crazy nervous about meeting new people and/or interviewing which impacts how well I do.

The interview lasted about 40 minutes which isn’t long but the position is not that complicated.  Almost anyone can figure out property management especially someone with 10 years of real estate under her belt.  I have the foundation, the terminology, know that there are a million rules about what you can and cannot do to evict a tenant, and can handle all kinds of people with humor and respect.

So, it’s now over a week later and due to the complete silence on the part of Dandy Property Management, I am pretty sure I don’t have the job.

Here’s my complaint:  the lack of communication.  Doesn’t it just make sense to let me know that even though I did not get the job offered, they would still like to give me a bonus for every client I send who signs a contract with them?  Is it me or is this a duh?!

Why wouldn’t the company use this opportunity to market their business to me?  After all, I am in real estate which means I come into contact with investors who buy property in order to rent it out but want to pay someone else to do all the messy stuff.  After the investors purchase the property, they need a referral to a good property management company.  I also come into contact with people with excellent credit who would make excellent tenants.

It was a marketing, public relations, and sales opportunity all rolled into one, and they absolutely blew it.  I will probably go out of my way to recommend anyone but them.

Wondering why more companies don’t use the rejection letter to market their company?  Even an email is acceptable.

Imagine getting a letter from any company you interviewed with that says, “You are an excellent candidate, and we will keep your resume on file for 90 days in the event a position that closely matches your skills opens up.  In the meantime, enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee on us (or enjoy 10% any purchase, or mention our name at a movie theater and get free admission for you and a guest).”

Wouldn’t that be a wow?  Wouldn’t that make the person say to his friends, family, and neighbors, “Hey, you know that company I didn’t get the job with?  They’re giving me movie tickets for not getting the job.  Isn’t that cool?  Wanna go?”  Now the person who was not hired feels good about the company and has passed his good feelings onto his friend.

I’m not suggesting that every single candidate who sends a resume gets a free cup ‘o joe, only the ones that were seen in person.  That shows respect of the person and her time spent.


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