Sun Down Means No Sunscreen


I love sunsets because it means that the sun will soon be gone. Although I would miss the sun if it were absent all the time, it sometimes can be a bit too much.

Living in Southern California means that it's sunny almost every single day, and trust me when I say it's b-o-r-i-n-g.

Give me some weather! A sprinkle, a shower, some spit. Anything!!

As a former East Coaster, and a brief mid-Westerner, I am used to some amazing storms, but there are very few storms here. When I hear of one coming, I get so excited. The anticipation is practically palpable.

As the day turns to night, it's almost like a storm because of the clouds, and how dark it gets

Having the sun set also means that the day is less bright (sensitive eyes), I get another opportunity to screw up tomorrow, and the temperature gets cooler. I would so much rather be a bit too cool than hot dripping in sweat and sunscreen.

And because I really hate sunscreen, I prefer sunsets.

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One thought on “Sun Down Means No Sunscreen

  1. gorgeous photo….sometimes I miss the seasons and also just wish for a rainy day and then November comes and several months after that and then I miss the sun. NEVER miss the cold or snow though. Love all your posts, always from the heart,

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