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Farewell to Facebook and All My FaceFriends?

Farewell to Facebook
Farewell to Facebook

Deleting Facebook seems to be on my mind a lot these days.  I still check in with my FaceFriends about once a day but what I am finding is that there’s nothing too exciting going on (or at least it’s not exciting to me which is a huge difference).  The people who overpost continue to do so, the people who think their cats are so hilarious continue to post about their hilarious cats, and the people who watch sports and make comments about the players while the game is on have not stopped sharing their play-by-play commentary.

I have already deleted Facebook off my smart phone.  Even though I just complained that nothing is truly that interesting on Facebook, I still compulsively checked just to make sure.  Gawd forbid I missed the pictures of someone’s amazing dinner.

Taking Facebook off my phone a couple weeks ago seemed so sad at the time but I’ve since recovered.  Now I’m on Twitter that much more but slowly, even the Twitter crowd has gotten stale with all its scheduled tweets and lack of real interaction.  These days, I’m astonished when someone replies to my tweet.

Am I guilty of everything I just made fun of?  You bet!  I think it’s all part of the Facebook cycle — I just appear to be at the end.

So, what do I do now with all the time I used to dedicate to my FaceFriends?  I write posts for my blog 🙂

Are you done with Facebook, too?   What do you do with all your spare time?


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