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My Sweet Life With a Little Help From Sugar

Where to Start
Where to Start

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis (if I plan on being really, really old when I die) or maybe it’s because my kids have gotten older and don’t need me as much, but whatever the reason, I feel aimless, useless and stagnant.  These unpleasant feelings have me searching for the meaning behind why I was put on this planet.

I think many people are in this same stage of life.  It’s the time when you’re too old to party without looking ridiculous (and can’t stay up much past 11 p.m. anyway), and you’re starting to see that the end is near.

With the time I have left, I want to do something meaningful, worthwhile and fun.

I had this same itch about five years ago which ended with me completing a degree in communications–a degree I can do nothing with since I don’t have any actual experience.  Turns out nobody wants to hire someone without experience.  Go figure.

Recently I cleaned out my office.  I decided I was going to do it in a merciless manner — if I hadn’t read the magazine/book/article, it was going into the recycling; if my ideas hadn’t come to life yet, then the idea would be thrown into the recycling, if my plans hadn’t even been started…you guessed it, they were going into the recycling.

Sorting through all the papers opened my eyes:  I have always been searching for something amazing to do with my life.

I found some things that I did for a while but then lost interest for whatever reason:  it wasn’t fulfilling, it was boring, it competed for attention with my family, it didn’t make financial sense, it required special training, or a myriad of other reasons.

I found so many things I started but didn’t finish, and it was rather embarrassing.  When did I become such a flake?

It’s with this question swirling around my brain that I met Sugar and Maegan for coffee a couple weeks ago.  Little did I know that I was going to get part of my question “Who am I?!” answered.  I already mentioned before in an earlier post about all the good feelings, etc., so I won’t go there again.  What I will talk about is how Sugar helped me.

Sugar has a website where you can take a test that reveals what makes you tick.  It tells you what makes you unique and what will make you happy.  It is with this information that I now know where to start on my quest for a meaningful life.  Although her test does not let you know specifically what career is right for you, it does give a starting point.  And that is all I needed to head into the right direction.  It’s like that commercial that has the start sign on the street the actors follow.  I just need to know where to begin.  With all the careers in this world, I now have a filter with which to decide whether or not it’s one I’d like to pursue.

After taking the test on Sugar’s site and discussing my results with her over the phone, I have a plan; I am not all over the place with ideas — I have a focus.  She also taught me what is absolutely necessary for me to recharge my batteries.  And if I ever forget that focus or what I need to do to regain my sanity?  My results were emailed to me so I can go back and revisit them (I did this just today).

With this knowledge, I know there will never again be an embarrassing amount of  recycling coming from my office.


4 thoughts on “My Sweet Life With a Little Help From Sugar

    1. I agree — moving forward is far more appetizing than sitting in another pile of useless papers 10 years from now.

      Thank you for commenting!!

    1. I agree! And I only have to wait 3 more weeks! LOL. So glad there are classes given through my local community college where a person with expertise can help someone who needs help.

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