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Sulfate and Paraben Free Shampoo — Shampoos Without Sulfates and Paraben

Six months ago, I started with a direct sales company called BlackBox Cosmetics.  Normally I don’t mention the party plan companies I join because I end up not really believing in their products.

Either the products are too expensive and/or I can find the exact same thing at Target for far less, and it’s much more convenient to go to Target than to wait for (and pay) the items to be shipped to my home.

I had become disillusioned by the Direct Sales industry until now…

I have been using the BlackBox Cosmetics’ products for 7 months — that is a very long time for me.  I have reordered just about everything and bought multiples of other items for my girls to use.  The one item that I buy before it runs out is the Aragon Fig Shampoo.

Aragon Fig Shampoo is not only Sulfate and Paraben-free, but it is also free of formaldehyde releasers.  The shampoo’s first ingredient is Aloe barbadensis, not water.  Most companies use the cheapest ingredients, and water is one of them.

BlackBox Shampoos are safe for color treated hair.  I do have color treated hair and know that my color has not been affected by the shampoo.  In fact, it has been improved!

The Aragon Fig Shampoo is so rich and full of great ingredients that I don’t need the conditioner at all.  But, then again, my hair is thin and fine.  My girls love this shampoo because it is perfect for their much thicker hair.  My youngest has thick and curly dark hair.  She loves this shampoo because she has fewer fly-aways.

The scent is not overpowering but transforms me from my shower on the mainland to some tropical forest far, far away.

Although there is another “flavor” shampoo called Cupuacu-Mint, I prefer the Aragon Fig.  A new “flavor” is going to be added in a few days.  It is called Almond-Satsuma Hair and Body Shampoo and Conditioner.  To say that I am excited to try something that has almonds and oranges in it is an understatement.

Tell me, when was the last time you were excited about shampoo?

For a free sample sent directly to you without obligation or endless harassment, please send me an email with your address.


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