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Where’d the Time Go?

Friday was the last day of middle school for my middle daughter.  She is heading off to high school.  At this point, many parents ask, “Where did the time go?” and I started to ask the same question but I know where the time went — it went toward anything I chose: the good and the bad.

After reflecting on the past couple of years, it’s clear that much of my time went to things I wouldn’t spend time on again.

More importantly, it is clear I need to spend more time on things I do enjoy so that when another milestone is reached in my children’s lives, I am not depressed about all the time that has passed and wish I had spent it more wisely.

The only problem is knowing what I enjoy vs. doing what I have to do.  I have to: exercise, walk the dog, make nutritious meals, clean, do laundry, shower, and decorate the house.  I don’t enjoy doing any of that and out of that list alone, I estimate it takes me 7 hours to complete those tasks.  That’s almost a full-time job doing things I’d love to skip or pay someone else to do.  And then there’s 8 hours (supposedly) of sleep, so out of the 9 remaining hours, it seems I should be able to find a daily hour to focus on activities to feed my soul.

But, the question of my lifetime is, “What do I like to do?”

Tell me, what do you like to do?


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