Trend Spotting: You Have No New Messages

Although it appears that I am going to once again be ranting against Facebook in this post, it is not really the case.  I would call this an observation more than anything.

What I have noticed is that I get very little personal email anymore, and I think it’s due to Facebook.  People no longer feel the need to send out an email now that there’s Facebook.  People post anything from what they’re eating for breakfast to every single milestone he/she or their family members have accomplished.

When I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while, I ask, “So…what’s new?”

The response is now usually, “Have you seen my posts on Facebook?”


What I am wondering about my friends is there anything else going on in their lives that doesn’t go on Facebook?  Something only the “insider” friends know — or is everything worth knowing shared with 897 of your closest friends?

I don’t share everything on Facebook because:  1.) Some things I do in my life just aren’t interesting (grocery shopping, doing laundry, making dinner); 2.) Some things I do in my life are private (and shall stay that way); 3.) I fear sharing too much may negatively impacting my childrens’ lives (“Sorry, Ms. Nichols, we can’t let you into Harvard because you didn’t get potty trained until you were 4.”); and 5.) I have other things to do other than spend all my time on Facebook.

Getting the occasional personal email is becoming as special as getting a letter from the postman in my mailbox.  Both my inbox and mailbox are full of junk mail.

Who knew that this change would happen in such a short time?

Of course it could be that I’m just not that popular — something I have considered.

Tell me, do you get much email these days?  Do you think this is a trend?




One thought on “Trend Spotting: You Have No New Messages

  1. I still get email pretty regularly. But we’re tech heavy… I will send my husband or dad an email and were all under the same roof. But I have a lot of the same hang ups about Facebook and twitter. It seems weird to tell a bunch of people that I don’t really see or even know my deepest darkest secrets. I tend to stick to memes and funny randomness instead.

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