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Polite Slices of Pie

Is this slice too big??
Is this slice too big??

The other night, I went to a birthday BBQ at a friend’s house, and I was suddenly reminded of a post I wanted to do a while back about how we do things in public vs. private.

For instance, slices of pie or cake.

When I am at home, I take a comfortable chunk of chocolate cake.  Why not?  I am with family and I should feel comfortable.  But when I am out I either opt for no cake or I take a polite slice wishing I could grab another.  You know the kind of slice that doesn’t make you look like the pig you are.  The comfortableness at home may also lead me to a second slice and/or scraping the frosting off a child’s plate.

Yeah, I love a good cake, and there’s never ‘too much frosting.’

I easily take polite portions of veggies, grilled chicken, and salad while at a fiesta, but when it comes to cake?  I have to exclaim to the hostess, “Oh, that’s too much!” and hope I eventually believe it before the end of the party so that I don’t stop on the way home for more chocolatey deliciousness.

I love cake so much that when I die, I want ‘There’s always room for cake’ forever etched on my tombstone.  My children have been informed of my final wishes, and know I am not kidding.

Do you take polite slices of pie at a party, or do you feed your inner sweet tooth with abandon no matter the location?


2 thoughts on “Polite Slices of Pie

  1. I’m like you on this, polite slices of pie for me. However, with me it’s that in general, I’m sooo much more comfortable eating at home vs. in public. Drinks are fine. But I’m only just getting better at being in pubs and restaurants where so many people can stare at me while eating something.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who feels more comfortable eating at home than eating out. Although if I am with my family, I have no trouble gobbling down the food at a restaurant. They know I have a large appetite which is why I exercise…

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