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Finally a Fan of Facebook

If you have read any of my posts lately about Facebook, you know I have a love/hate relationship with the enormous social site.  I have tried quitting so many times only to be roped back in.  I’m not sure why.

I was marginally successful going cold turkey until I joined a 10 week makeover challenge where one of the criteria is I need to post to a Facebook group after my workout.  I thought I could handle just getting in and getting out quickly without making any pit stops, but I was wrong.  The pictures of a vacation to Italy are just too tempting.  Oh, and all those cat pictures…

Ugh.  What a terrible time waster and distraction.  My goal is to write a book, and instead I am writing ridiculous status updates.

It dawned on me this morning that there is some good to Facebook, though.

Facebook has made me realize that life is short and I need to get out there experiencing it before it’s too late.

And how pray tell, did an impersonal website accomplish this?

Through death.

Every time a friend’s friend has died too young from a disease, an unfortunate accident (one was even murdered), or by his own hand, I am reminded that life is short.  Way short.  Wicked short.  Temporary even.

Sure, I could get the same information from the news but the people on the news?  I don’t know them.  The people I learn about on my wall are at least a friend of a friend or a friend’s relative.

It’s not business (the news), it’s personal.

While I rant and rave about Facebook and how nobody looks up from their phone screens to actually experience the life they’re writing about, I am learning to live a more full life through death.

I had better get moving on that book 🙂


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