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Move Over Chocolate, Here Comes Vanilla Shakeology

My daily scoop of nutrition
My daily scoop of nutrition

Yesterday I mentioned that I was asked to be part of a 10 week body makeover challenge.  So far, I am doing really well.  Today is the last day of week 4.  To say that it’s incredible I have made it this far is an understatement.  Usually I start something and two days later, I am bored, hungry, in pain, and so over it.  So I quit, feel bad about myself, and the cycle continues.

But not this time.

What makes this challenge different?  Part of the deal is that participants are highly encouraged to add Shakeology to their daily routine.  Shakeology is a powder you add to water, milk, soymilk, rice milk, throw in some ice, and voila, you have “the healthiest meal of the day.”  This powder has so many nutrients that I feel great knowing I am doing something exceptional for my body every time I drink it.

A friend of mine was trying to sell it to me years ago, and I was reluctant.  Not only because of the cost but because I have so many other protein powders sitting in my cupboard because they taste like chalk, or worse.  Did I really want to add another one?

Shortly after Kristen approached me to try Shakeology, the product was given street cred by Oprah Magazine who did a full five page write-up about the guy who goes and searches the world for the ingredients to put into Shakeology.

Apparently, this is not some marketing ploy, but an actual guy who finds the most exotic and nutritious ingredients to put into the bag.

I have been drinking Shakeology off and on since then, but didn’t become a die-hard fan until the debut of vanilla.  Ah, vanilla.  So flexible, so easy to change every single day.  And I do change it every single day.  One day, it’s a vanilla latte, and the next is apple pie a la mode or blueberry cream.  Today, I will visit the islands with pineapple and coconut.  Yummy.  It’s like a pina colada except without any guilt!

I am just a few days shy of a full 30 days of Shakeology, and I have to admit that the claims made by Beachbody about this product are accurate.  I have fewer cravings, it makes me feel full, and let’s just say that I’m ‘regular’ now [blush].

Shakeology is so good, I actually look forward to it.

Should I say that again?  Probably.  I look forward to making and drinking my daily shake.  I know I have never before said anything like that — I was never a shake drinker in my life, and now I am a daily user of Shakeology.

In fact, I am so enamored of the bag of vanilla goodness that I am concerned my new shipment won’t arrive in time before I leave town that I called Beachbody to make sure it arrives at my destination, and patiently waits for me there.

Unfortunately, vanilla is not currently vegan, but I guess I will just have to suck it up.

Please note:  I have not received any compensation for this post.  This is simply my opinion.


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