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#5Things4Me I Need to Do for Me This Week — Week 1


I am participating in a weekly challenge in which I find 5 things I do just for me.  The person behind this totally brilliant idea is Laura Crawford who writes beautifully as Semper Fi Momma.

The biggest challenge is figuring out what 5 things I’d like to do just for me.  It has become abundantly clear that I don’t know myself well enough anymore to know what would float my boat, but here goes (hopefully the cursor doesn’t blink too long before I type what I want to do):

1.  Continue my 10 week challenge through Beachbody.  I am currently stuck on week 5.  I took a week off from exercising to drive out to Arizona to get my daughter ready for college, and returned last week.  It is past time to get back on that horse.

2.  Order my vanilla Shakeology.  Sensing a trend here?  You should.  I drank a shake for over a month and can definitely feel the difference.  I hate to admit it, but that stuff actually works.  My daughter loved the vanilla so I left it with her so that she could have it.  I now need to order my own bag.

3.  Use my $49 in Sports Authority bucks and a 20% off coupon on new walking/running shoes.  I never use the coupons for anything good for myself.  I am constantly buying stuff for my kids but rarely something for me.  My dog is walked by me every other day from between 3 and 5 miles.  My shoes are showing a little wear, and my feet are starting to hurt.

4.  Drink at least 5 glasses of water per day.  I feel so much better when I am properly watered which hasn’t happened in about 4 years.  I could probably get rid of numerous wrinkles just by plumping them up.  Time to get on that, and now that I have 87 lemons, I can at least make it taste like something other than torture.

5.  Take a night off from making dinner.  And don’t feel guilty about it.  I make dinner nearly 7 nights a week every single week.  I hate to grocery shop.  I hate to bring the bags inside and I hate unloading.  I hate deciding what’s for dinner and I definitely hate cooking.  A night off from all these duties would be the best gift to me ever.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Oh, right, the guilt.

That’s my list from this week, week one.  Will you take a minute and join Laura and me to do #5Things4Me?  You know you want to…


2 thoughts on “#5Things4Me I Need to Do for Me This Week — Week 1

  1. I love #5. That’s brilliant! And honestly my kids love take-out so I think just seeing them all eat quietly and happily would ease my guilt. And ya! Why didn’t I think of that before? lol

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