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What I’ve Noticed Today Is…

…this is going to be a new way in which I communicate with you.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, I will write a short (hopefully I can keep it short) something that I’ve noticed.  Whatever I happen to notice that day will be included — nothing is off limits:  kids, husbands, houses, people I meet, etc., anything and everything but the key is keeping it short.

I’d love to take credit for thinking up this quick way to blog, but the idea was borrowed from Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development who has a new, mini-blog that starts out with “Today, I…”  Clever, right?  And he keeps to his theme of business related topics.  My blog is “Bloggoneit.  When there’s something to say, I Blog on it” so I have a little more room to wiggle.  No need to ever focus, right?

By the way, if you don’t subscribe to Michael Katz’s e-newsletter, you are really missing out on his incredibly insightful discussions about all things related to creating a newsletter.  And he is so funny.  Michael’s newsletter is the one I have read without fail for years.  I cannot say that about any other blog out there.  He has a sense of humor like Dave Barry who is my all time favorite writer.  Check him out and you will no doubt be a faithful follower just like me.

Before I stop raving about Michael Katz, I forgot to mention the best part:  when you write to him, he writes back.  He is never too busy to reply.  I love that interaction; he’s not just a brand, he’s a human behind the brand.

Anyway, enough about Michael, what I’ve noticed today is…how different my kids are.  Take for example, my middle daughter and her reaction to getting a new, bigger bed.  She made do with whatever sheets, comforters, and blankets were available in the linen closet.  Contrast that with my oldest daughter who would need a new blanket, comforter, sheet sets, lamp, bed skirt, pillow shams, pillows, curtains, curtain rod, side table, furniture, rug, etc.

Both kids were raised by the same set of parents, so why does one want to immediately stop, drop and roll over to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the other is content with whatever?

My youngest probably wouldn’t even notice that she had a new bed.

Perplexing, and yet, I can appreciate all 3 responses to a new environment.

Are your kids different, and in what way?



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