House cleaning

What I’ve Noticed Today Is…

What I’ve noticed today is that one person’s trash is truly another’s treasure.

Two weeks ago, I was packing for a trip to visit my daughter.  It was a trip to get her ready for college.  One of the weird facts about me is that every article of clothing I can find in the house that is dirty, needs to be washed, dried, folded, and put away prior to my departure.  It’s the one OCD thing I do.  Normally, a whole pile of laundry can stack up and I really don’t care all that much.

It was during the putting away phase that I realized I had a couple bras in my bra drawer that were really bad off.  They were an embarrassment and could not go into the donate pile because even a homeless woman wouldn’t wear these bras.  I’m not sure why they were still in my drawer — probably just hadn’t noticed them until the annual OCD kicked in.

I took the two bras and threw them out in my bathroom trash thinking that I’d never see them again.

After my return from Arizona, I needed a couple rags to wash my car, and lo and behold, there were my two bras coming back from the dead to haunt me in the rag bag!

My housekeeper saw my bras as great tools for her to do the dusting and cleaning of toilets, I guess.  I saw them (and still see them) as garbage.

Although I can appreciate her vision, my need to not see my housekeeper dusting the dining room table with my bras is far greater.

So my bras got thrown away again but this time, for sure….or did they??!!


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