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What I’ve Noticed Today Is…

What I’ve noticed today is actually from Tuesday.  Yes, I am sort of cheating but it’s almost too early to have noticed anything today.  What I’ve noticed today (ahem, Tuesday) is that there are people who have deemed themselves gurus when, in fact, they are simply spewing sales crap from other ‘gurus.’  The problem I have with this is that if one is going to steal another person’s ideas and share them with an audience, at least mention something in passing like, “You may recognize many of the things I say to be that of Joe Shmoe.  I follow his practices and have been very successful doing so, and even though you may not be ready to join his program, here’s a sneak peek into some of his ideas.”  Or anything.

I don’t enjoy listening to a person spout off information from another person and claiming it as her own brilliant ideas.

I have never been in a situation where I have thought, “Look how they’re all drinking the Kool-Aid” before but Tuesday was it.  I couldn’t even look at the woman and I had to stay quiet lest I say anything and get myself into a situation where I’m viewed as a trouble-maker.

Everyone but one or two people are drinking the purple Kool-Aid and I’m fascinated to learn why.


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