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#5Things for Me — Monday, September 2, 2013


The weeks are flying by but I am on my third list of Five Things I Can Do for Me.  This idea was started by Laura Crawford (aka ‘SemperFiMomma’), and it’s amazing how few things I actually do for myself.  Are you the same way?  It’s time to take stock of what happened (and what didn’t happen) for me:

1.  Use my freakin’ Massage Envy gift certificate from Mother’s DayUpdate:  No, of course I didn’t use it.  To be fair, though, my family had a mini emergency where all my brain cells were focused on the problem until Saturday, so hopefully you will cut me some slack.

2.  Order lunches for my daughter from Ki’sUpdate:  I did it right away.  I got it done, so CHECK this one off the list.  My daughter’s school came up with an incredible offer to make volunteering as the lunch lady each week (envision me in a hairnet, I dare ya) more palatable.  I will earn a lunch every time I volunteer which I can either use myself for after “work” or I can put it toward my daughter’s lunches.  Tada.  It’s a win-win.  I love working the lunch line because I get to watch my middle school daughter giggle with her friends, and we don’t spend as much money on lunches.  My daughter gets a tasty, organic, healthy lunch more days than if I didn’t volunteer.

3.  Rent a chick flick.  Update:  As predicted, my husband groaned and moaned, bitched/complained and tried to make things awful when he came downstairs to see what I was watching (The Proposal).  I stood my ground, so this was also a successful #5Things4Me moment.  He went back upstairs to watch whatever he wanted.

4.  Go to bed at 10 p.mUpdate:  Didn’t really happen except for maybe one night and that was because I was exhausted.  The one night I went to bed early, I got under the covers at 9 p.m. and passed out at 9:30 p.m.  Absolutely luxurious.

5.  Get my blood work done Update:  No.  Didn’t happen.  See my excuse from number 1 — also, two buyers wanted to see homes, too, so the buyers took precedence over my health.  Yeah, I know how that sounds and it is the very reason why I make these lists.

And now for this week’s list although it seems against all the rules to not even finish last week’s, so maybe I’ll stick numbers 1, 4, and 5 at the number 1 spot.

2.  Enter every morsel of food that passes my lips into MyFitnessPal:  I think I’m at that age where despite the unbelievable amount of exercise I get, I still feel as if I am gaining weight.  I know it’s because I am probably taking in more calories than I should so I plan on getting back to the app that helps keep track.    This is for me because I will feel so much better when I lose 11 lbs.

3.  Read a book:  At night, I’ve been opting to Tweet and get on Facebook rather than reading in bed.  This week, I will read something more interesting than looking at pictures of what someone grilled for dinner.  In order to make this happen, I have selected this book to read.

4.  Use all the fruits and vegetables in my CSA box:  I’ve been getting organic fruits and vegetables delivered to my door and there is no excuse for not using it all since I have control over what goes in there!

5.  Buy 5 Christmas presents:  I actually thought about Christmas on Saturday night and felt “in the mood” to shop for people.  Having never thought about Christmas this early before is noteworthy and I feel as if I should strike while the iron is hot.  What’s odd is how HOT it is in San Diego right now, so what made me think of Christmas?  Who knows but this taking care of Christmas early is definitely for me since I’m the only one who does the entire Christmas.  You name it, I am in charge of making Christmas happen.  Being able to enjoy the holidays without stress is all about me.

Well, that’s it for this week.  How about you?  Do any of these goals resonate with you?  Why not join in the fun and share with SemperFiMomma and me what 5 Things You’re Going to do for yourself (#5Things4Me on Twitter) on your own blog, and then post a link on SemperFiMomma’s blog.  Let me know that you did so I can go steal your ideas for next week — I mean, ahem, read what you wrote.


3 thoughts on “#5Things for Me — Monday, September 2, 2013

  1. You are a GENIUS!! I, too, have been thinking about Christmas. We will be moving, more than likely, in December. This is usually our magic moving month when the Marine Corps sends us to our new destination. On one end it’s kinda nice because we have that Christmas break to get things settled and not have to rush rush rush. On the other…. it’s Christmas!! So this year I’m going to get some presents bought ahead of time and have them sent so they’ll be ready and waiting for us. No rush.

    1. You’re moving??!! Wah. I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe we should get the Clams together before you’re gone.

      I cannot imagine moving in December, and it’s your birthday, too, right?

      I bought a present today for one of the girls from Etsy. So, for the first time EVER, I have a Christmas present bought on 9/2/13. I’m currently waiting for lightening to strike and an earthquake.

      1. YES! It’s my birthday. When we moved to CA it was the week of my birthday. Which, I was so exhausted from the move I could have cared less lol

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