Self Discovery

What I’ve Noticed Today Is…

What I’ve noticed today is that I give more credence to my gut feelings about people.  I used to ignore or talk myself out of these instant reactions to a person, but now I pay attention to them.

What changed?  I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink.  It has helped me understand why I have those feelings.  Instead of mistakenly believing that all people are good, I now know that my brain sees them differently, and I need to listen to my brain instead of trying to always be so nice.

Blink should be required reading for kids in school.  I’m not sure what age but I feel that there would be fewer date rapes and other crimes against women if girls were taught why they need to pay attention to those feelings, and that it’s okay to listen to the voice inside insisting she not make friends with the really helpful man.

Not everyone is nice.  I do know that some people have bad days and maybe judging someone harshly after meeting them on one occasion is perhaps overboard but Mr. Gladwell’s book makes it okay for a woman to be cautious while proceeding with a relationship with a new person.

Have you read Blink?  Do you think it should be required reading in school, and at what age?


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