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What I’ve Noticed Today Is…

What I’ve noticed today is that I had an amazing personal revelation.  It was like a giant aha that I never saw coming and it had to do with my chosen career.

I started in real estate in 2001, and I was so scared.  I was scared because I am a shy and introverted woman.  Imagining being a busy and successful real estate agent, I never saw someone like me who is quiet and reserved.  I always envisioned a Barbie type chatting away on her cell phone while waving to all her friends from her convertible (this was before talking on the phone became punishable by death, or at least a fine).

I never saw myself as a successful Realtor because I blush quickly and hotly when I am speaking to people I don’t know, and this is all without the benefit of Niacin.  I can be quite the chatterbox, but I’m a bit nervous at a first meeting.

Even though I thought I was too shy and introverted to be a successful real estate agent, I still took all the classes and then passed the California real estate exam.   With the combination of loving the job of looking at houses and helping people, I thought that I would win over other quiet people to my side, and I figured I could be happy doing a few deals every year — I wasn’t asking for a lot, mind you, just a few.

The personal revelation is that despite my reserved personality, the shyness has never been a problem, but what has been a problem is my sensitivity.  I definitely am far too sensitive for my own good, but what I have found is that there is an amazing level of non-professional behavior in real estate from the buyers, the sellers, the co-operating agents, and sometimes the lenders, the escrow company, and even neighbors.  By non-professional, I mean yelling, condescending emails and texts, and veiled threats.

Real estate is for the truly thick-skinned, and the thicker the better.  If you are considering a career in real estate, stop and think about your personality.  How do you handle confrontations?  Do you run away?  How are you with people who are so mad at you for something you had nothing to do with?  Are you okay with that?

If you are a shy and introverted person, you will have no problem in real estate; however, if you avoid confrontation at all costs, you might want to think of another career.  There are other ways in which to participate in the real estate industry, but perhaps being an agent isn’t the right choice for you.


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