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Community Supported Agriculture Version 2.0

I love my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) so much that I need to tell you all about it.  I realize it’s not open to everyone in the US, but as long as you’re located in California, there is a chance that Farm Fresh to You is available in your area.  You can check here to see if home delivery is an option.

Magically, a box of deliciousness arrives at my front door every Thursday in the wee hours — it is like Christmas because if I am not too controlling, I never know what I’m going to get; it’s a surprise.  I love that part of this!

Each week I receive a new box of organic produce complete with a newsletter and a recipe or two.  The newsletters are folksy and full of information about a fruit or vegetable that may be in my box.  It’s one of the very few printed newsletters I read.

When I first started with Farm Fresh to You, I ordered an average sized box but soon realized it wasn’t big enough when my family blew through the goods in two days.  I then upped it to the next size but realized that was too much, and moved back down to the box my family would finish.  I’d rather have nothing left to eat than produce rotting in the bottom of my not-big-enough refrigerator.

Because of this box of produce, I am trying new things, and one of the new fruits have become a new favorite (and more importantly, a new favorite for one of my daughters).  The fruit is called a kiwi berry, a fruit I would have known nothing about had it not been introduced to me in my weekly box.  If you don’t know what a kiwi berry looks like, here’s a group of photos.  It is so easy to open the plastic container and pop one of these berries into your mouth.  They are full of fiber, but better yet, they’re sweet and require no peeling.  Kiwi berries are so portable, I can take them with me in my car while running errands as a healthier alternative to a bar.

Recently, I read that eating two kiwis before bed may help with sleep.  I’m not sure how many kiwi berries equals one regular sized kiwi but with my relentless insomnia this week, I am willing to eat the entire container!  If you’ve ever suffered through insomnia, you know I am not kidding!!

Farm Fresh to You is a unique service because they delivery right to your front door in the middle of the night.  Recall the milk man from many years ago but then envision a brown box of fruit and vegetables instead.

I know that CSAs are not unique anymore.  Heck, I belonged to a CSA way back in 1995 or so but back then I had to go pick up my box on a specific day, at a specific time, at some random person’s house.  I had no choice as to what I got in the box, so sometimes I got a lot of lettuce and very few strawberries, or I got some kind of weird vegetable that I wouldn’t know what to do with.

Farm Fresh to You is different than other CSAs in that I can:  1.) Change the frequency of delivery; 2.) Change what goes into my box; 3.) Have total control over what goes into the box; 4.) Change the size of the box; 5.) Cancel at any time without any problem; 6.) Receive only fruits, or only vegetables; 7.) And, all these benefits are controlled via a back-office on a website that Farm Fresh to You has.  All I have to do is type in my User ID, my password and I am off.

I can also take a week or two off from the service which I took advantage of while I was in Arizona back in August.  I had a mini vacation to visit my oldest daughter and knew that my husband could not be counted on to make dinner, so there was no point in having a delivery in my absence.  It appears I am the only one concerned about everyone’s health around here.

If you want the convenience of a box showing up at your door, contact them through their website or call 800-796-6009.  And if you want a fundraiser you can feel good about for your school or other group, they have that option, too!

NOTE:  For the purpose of full disclosure, you should know that although I did not receive compensation for this post, I will receive $25 for each person who uses my promo code of 6164.  In addition, f you use the promo code, you’ll get $10 off your first order.  However, if I didn’t think that Farm Fresh to You was totally worth it, I would have cancelled my subscription and not mentioned their CSA to you.


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