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Positive Break

I have a terrible habit of doing well all day long with my diet and exercise routine until the nighttime comes around. I eat really well until around 8 p.m. when all my good intentions fly out the window. The habit is eating junk food and/or drinking wine although the wine habit has been recently kicked. I had been having a glass or two of wine about between two to four nights a week, but after Halloween, I didn’t have any wine until the 10th of November, and none will probably pass my lips until Thanksgiving. Because wine interrupts my sleep, I decided sleep was far more important.

Kicking the habit of eating cakes, cookies, pies, Fritos, Doritos, and things like that may be difficult; however, perhaps the key to taking the snacking and making it positive is to do two things: discover something I can make to snack on that’s tasty but use vegetables. I am not a huge fan of vegetables so learning how to prepare vegetables so that I like them will kill two birds with one stone: I will learn how to cook and I will increase my daily intake of plants.

Cooking and preparing a snack of vegetables will also slow me down. It is so easy to blow through 800 calories of crap when it’s already in a bag calling my name, and not as easy when I have to get out a cutting board, find a knife, cut up the vegetables, grab a pan, heat it, etc. And the calories from vegetables are less and have more fiber, thereby making me feel fuller faster and longer.

Bad habit solved in ten minutes. I will give it a try tonight.

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