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Yesterday I bought a new scale.  This purchase marks only the third purchase of a scale in over 20 years.  The first one lasted a very long time, and I especially loved when it started to die because it would vacillate between telling me I weighed 40 pounds and 140 pounds.  When was the last time you weighed 40 pounds?

I never really knew what I weighed on that scale.  It was one of those weekly activities where I would get on the scale, see what I weighed, step off, step back on, look at the number, step off, and then step back on.  I only had a vague idea as to how much I weighed.

My husband bought its replacement.  I think we’ve maybe had it for a year.  It probably cost him a whopping $10 because it is the worst scale ever.  You climb aboard, look at the number, get off, and then you have to adjust it yourself because when it goes back to zero, the dial either shows three pounds more, or three pounds left.  It has this little gear that you adjust.  You know the kind I’m talking about?

Ugh.  I never got on it because I hated all that extra work, so I finally broke down and bought a new scale at Bed Bath & Beyond because I happened to be in close proximity, and I had a 20% off coupon — a good double whammy.

There are so many choices when it comes to scales, and I started to get overwhelmed.  Sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I stop myself and start asking questions.  The first question I asked, “What does this new device need to do?”  Answer:  it needs to weigh me.  The second question, “What color and shape should it be?”  Answer:  The color is unimportant but I prefer squares I guess.

Bam!  Easy to pick a scale from 30 different models when you know what you need.  I purchased a Homedics scale that simply tells me how much I weigh which I obviously needed reminding.  I’ve been feeling a little “bigger” but didn’t want to get on the old scale because I wanted accuracy.  Now that I have accuracy, I need a diet.

Dieting is not fun but not fitting into my clothes is even less funner.  So, here I am counting every morsel that crosses my lips and recording it in MyFitnessPal.  I know that the issue is food because I definitely get enough exercise.  I walk my dog for miles and miles every other day, and I workout every single day.  I’ve estimated that I walk my dog 12-16 miles every week.  That’s nearly 600 miles per year!!

I’ve also read that one of the successful ways in which to lose weight and keep it off is to weigh yourself daily.  Yes, I know I’ve also read that you should only weigh yourself once a week but the only time I’ve had real success on a weight loss program, it was when I got weighed three times per week.  The idea is that if you are gaining weight, you can see it right away and do something about it sooner.  Instead of needing to lose 15 lbs, you may only need to lose two or three.

At this point, I need to lose 13 pounds…over the holidays.  Sigh.  I am going to do this through:  1.) daily weigh-ins in the morning after first waking up, 2.) recording all food and drinks that I take in through MyFitnessPal, 3.)  Only choose nutrient dense foods to eat, 4.)  Increase my water intake from 3 glasses per day to 8 full glasses, and 5.)  Increase my exercise.

Do you need to lose any weight?  Join me!


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