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The Scale Effect

When I hopped aboard the scale back on Thursday, I was shocked.  Yes, I knew beforehand that I had gained a few pounds because I had not been eating well due to depression, stress, and pain from my lower back, but I didn’t realize how much damage had been done in such a short time.

The face in the mirror looked chubbier, and a recent photo caused me to stop and wonder, “Am I really that big?”  I dismissed the photo as being too grainy, and poorly done.

Suddenly, the panic button went off inside my head after getting onto the scale, and I wondered how I had gotten to this place again?  To be fair to me, I have not regained all the weight I had lost years ago, but I am within spitting distance.  For full disclosure, I am within 10 pounds of being at my all-time high.

I will never go there again.  I promised myself and a promise is a promise.  Even though I usually put my needs dead last to my kids’, this time will be different.

The shock on the scale was enough to get me back on track and refocused on my health.  The scale is just a number, and I know that with all the exercise I’ve been doing, I don’t look as big as the number, but psychologically, I feel enormous.  The psychological component is huge (no pun intended), and although I am not obsessing as I used to, the whispers are there at the back of my mind.

The whispers are just that, though, just whispers.  I know what to do and I am calmly and methodically doing the work that needs to be done.  I am weighing myself daily.  I am logging every healthy food I’ve eaten into  I am greatly increasing my water intake, and I am avoiding junk food and nighttime snacking completely.

This morning, I am overjoyed to report that I have lost 4.4 pounds.  As a very educated dieter (practically professional), I know that some of this weight is water, but a loss is a loss.  I am celebrating the fact that the changes I am making are affecting my health positively.

Who knew that  a 12 inch square device could have such a profound effect on my health?


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